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iPhone 12 Release Date Might Be Postponed Until 2021

iPhone 12 was scheduled to be released this year in September, as the company would typically do when launching new devices. This device is highly expected because it is one of the first-ever to introduce the 5G connectivity.

A report from Asia has revealed that Apple is already making preparations to postpone the release for several months, right after news hint that iPhone SE 2 would also be delayed. This situation has never occurred in the company. However, Apple is forced to take this decision due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The outcome of this crisis is probably going to result in less demand for the company and it has already affected the product development scheme.

This alternative is being considered by the company since the supply chains for the components of the phones are the most affected by the effects of COVID-19. In addition to this burden, Apple is strongly considering a lower interest in their products.

Apple might postpone the iPhone 12 launch to 2021

Since people would no longer choose to invest in a better version of their phone, the sales will decrease as well. This is even more disappointing when taking into consideration the innovative product Apple is releasing this time.

The current situation finds Apple’s teams carefully observing the development of the virus in its two biggest markets: the United States of America and Europe. This research is going to determine whether postponing the launching of the iPhone 12 is the right decision for the company or not. As an interesting fact, most of the team members researching this matter are working on it from home.

Until the final decision, the work has been delayed in fabrics as well. Beginning with this month, the company stopped testing prototypes, since all of them require hands-on analysis. All of these tests are impossible to make when all the factories are located in China. Therefore, the final statement on the iPhone 12 is going to be presented in May.



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