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iPhone 12 Release Date To Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus

The iPhone 12 release date might be postponed. What is the answer of the company regarding the fight against coronavirus?

The ongoing pandemic might cause a delay in the release of this year’s most waited iPhone devices, the iPhone 12 series. This occurrence might be caused by the social distancing measures taken by the governments, that have affected the production process of the smartphone. The cancellations, delays and the decision to work from home results in a lack of products available for sale.

Therefore, the question is whether the scheduled launch of the phone is still possible at the stated date, or the officials will have no other choice but to postpone it. The suppliers are always confident that the distribution of the new series will not be affected and the even will go as planned.

iPhone 12 Postponed The Release Date

Up until now, the officials of the giant Cupertino have not ordered yet any delay from its suppliers, meaning that the company is trying its best to provide users with their latest gadgets. For example, the Tripod Technology, which is a supplier of PCB from Taiwan, has confirmed that they are still producing and delivering the circuit boards needed for the iPhone series.

However, this company’s case may be an exception to the rule, since we do not know yet, which are the measures implemented in other countries that could affect the production of essential components. In addition to this, the leaks are stating that the apparition of 5G models is already postponed until 2021. The only delay that has been announced until now by the officials is until May 2020.

The COVID-19 fight might cause a loss of billions of dollars if the company is forced to delay the release. This is why the officials are supporting with impressive donations the medical system worldwide, as well as its fans with the version of the COVID-19 application on the iPhone 12 models. The app is connected to official data that advertise the owner of any dangers in the vicinity.



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