iPhone SE 2 Could Launch In June, According To The Latest Reports

Apple has announced the release of the iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) series this year in June. The price range of the upcoming smartphones has not been announced yet. The new line of phones introduced by the iPhone is called iPhone SE 2 and it should have been revealed during the launch event scheduled in March 2020. The release date would occur in the summer.

The event was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the team of developers from Apple has announced that the iPhone SE 2 series is going to bring two new gadgets on the market: iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Pro.

Rumors regarding the upcoming iOS 14 have also revealed the appearance of iPhone 9 Plus, a smartphone that will be similar in design with the iPhone 8 Plus. However, the characteristics of the Plus version are still unclear because no official opinion was stated until now.

More details on the iPhone SE 2 models

iPhone SE 2 model features a 5.5-inch display, as well as a Home button where the Touch ID is situated. Typically, the company has opted for a 4.4-inch screen, similar to iPhone 8. The upcoming series is going to have a budget-friendly price range and is going to be sponsored by A13 Bionic chip.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in the whole world, the regular release date of the series has been postponed to the summer. Jon Prosser, responsible for the production, has already announced that they started producing the gadget. The teams were divided into several countries in order for the process to move faster than usual.

The company plans to launch the series as soon as possible, in spite of the ongoing pandemic. Rumors are saying that the new gadgets are going to be released during the WWDC event this June. However, their past actions are showing that the iPhone SE 2 models (iPhone 9 and 9 Plus) can be released as well online. The company has previously done this for the release of iPad Pro.

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