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iPhone SE 2 vs. Google Pixel 4a – Which One Is The Best Choice?

Smartphones that bear the logo of Google or Apple are famous for their performance and premium quality. However, the two giants occasionally introduce a budget model for users who have restricted budgets.

Apple is working on bringing back the iPhone SE. Its design looks familiar, but the traditional looks hide capable hardware under the glass and metal body.

Google is also developing a cheap Pixel smartphone for late 2020, known as the Pixel 4a. It will have to take the success of the Pixel 3a to a new level, which will be a tough task because the Pixel 3a was a massive success for Google. It was clear that people loved the combination of a capable smartphone with a fantastic camera for an affordable price.


When it comes to purchasing smartphones, the budget buyer is very concerned about the pricing o the device.

The iPhone SE 2 starts at $399 for the base 64GB model. However, you can upgrade to 128GB or even 256GB for an extra $50 or $150. The iPhone SE 2 will be available via most carriers. Pre-orders can be placed starting on April 17, and the smartphone will reach stores on April 24, if all goes as planned for Apple.

The price of the Pixel 4a is unknown for the moment, and no carrier announced that they would be selling the phone, but that’s probably because the Pixel 4a hasn’t been officially announced. The Pixel 4a will most likely be available on Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Google Fi, just like the Pixel 3a. It is believed that the Pixel 4a will cost as much as the iPhone SE2.


The two devices appear very different in the matter of specifications.

The main differences are the resolutions of the displays and screen size. The Pixel 4a will feature a 5.81-inch OLED (2340×1080), while the SE will pack a 4.7-inch LCD(1334×750).

Though other specifications have been rumored, nothing is official yet, so it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two devices furthermore. The choice belongs to you, but we would recommend that you wait for the Pixel 4a to be released before making a decision.



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