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iPhone SE 2020 vs. iPhone 8: Best Specs, Improvements and Changes COmparison

Apple amazed a lot of people when it brought last month a decent and affordable phone packed with the A13 Bionic processor created by the same Cupertino-based company. Namely iPhone SE 2020, the gadget stands out for its impressive specs, small display, and affordable price.

Since a lot of people had been comparing iPhone SE 2020 with the iPhone 8 released almost three years ago, it’s time to compare the two gadgets to conclude which one is better.

iPhone SE 2020

The built-in A13 Bionic processor makes the iPhone SE 2020 comparable with the iPhone 11, as the two gadgets are capable of pretty much the same processing speed. Apple’s flagship for 2019 has the same processor.

iPhone SE runs on iOS 13, and its Retina IPS LCD display represents another aspect that stands out. The screen measures only 4.7 inches, and it packs a 750 x 1334 pixels. On the display, the phone is capable of showcasing photos made with the single camera of 12 MP mounted on the rear, or with the 7MP snapper from the front. iPhone SE 2020 is also capable of recording video in 4K with the main camera, while the selfie camera is only capable of Full HD. But it’s still pretty good for those moments when you want to start a new vlog!

As for the hardware, iPhone SE 2020 is not doing bad at all. The device packs 3 GB of RAM, and let’s be honest: you really don’t need more for a smartphone. There are three versions of storage: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The battery of the phone is capable of 1821 mAh, and it supports fast charging of 18W.

Apple has to say the following about its beauty:

Black. White. Or red. In a small 4.7” design. With studio-quality portraits. Sharp 4K video. Long battery life. A13 Bionic — the fastest chip in a smartphone. And the security of Touch ID, with privacy built in. iPhone SE. Lots to love. And less to spend.

iPhone SE 2020 sells for a reasonable price of $399 / €479.

iPhone 8

There are plenty of similarities between iPhone 8 and its competitor for today, iPhone SE 2020, as we were suggesting at the beginning of the article. The only notable differences are the ones regarding the processor and the RAM. iPhone 8 has a weaker processor also made by Apple: the A11 Bionic. This model of iPhone only has 2 GB of RAM instead of 3 GB how the SE 2020 model has. Although you might say that it’s irrelevant, it surely matters if you want to play some specific games on the devices or surf the web too often. A difference of 1GB of RAM can surely make itself count!

Released in September 2017, iPhone 8 is equipped with the same type, size, and resolution of the display as iPhone SE 2020: Retina IPS LCD of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels.

The cameras that iPhone 8 is packing are not too different from the ones mounted on iPhone SE 2020, either. iPhone 8 has a 12 MP main snapper with just one lens. The camera is capable of shooting 4K video. There is also a front camera that packs 7 MP. Apple describes its iPhone 8 as following:

Featuring New Glass and Aluminium Design, Retina HD Displays, A11 Bionic Chip, New Single and Dual Cameras with Support for Portrait Lighting, Wireless Charging and Optimised for Augmented Reality

iPhone 8 comes in two versions of storage: 64GB and 256GB, without supporting a card slot.

If you’re willing to buy yourself an iPhone 8 device, you’ll have to pay around $264.99 or € 286.


As most would say, iPhone SE 2020 is significantly better than iPhone 8, mainly for its faster A13 Bionic processor. Also, let’s not forget the higher amount of RAM present on the later released iPhone. There’s no decisive aspect that makes iPhone 8 better than iPhone SE 2020 besides the lower price. Furthermore,  you should choose the second iPhone model without hesitation. But if you believe that you can make it out with less RAM and processing speed, and if you want to save more than 100 bucks, the iPhone 8 model is the right selection.

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