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iPhone X vs. iPhone 11: Which One Is Better?

When the iPhone X was showing to the world in 2017, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, stated that the device is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone. It was the largest phone, with an entirely new design.

Then iPhone 11 came to the picture as a follow-up to the iPhone XR. It’s an iPhone made for everyone.

We are here to put them to the test. Find out which one is better.

iPhone X costs too much

iPhone 11 is more affordable. This one has a better camera and an improved battery life. It also comes with better durability. This phone had an LCD display and not the usual OLED, and this has taken the device to a lower price. The phone also does not have a telephoto lens, that you can find on iPhone X, Phone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Even if it’s missing some things that iPhone X has, we still believe this one is a better phone.

iPhone X has been the leader of 2017, and in 2020 it is still popular. This one has a premium OLED screen, amazin cameras, and it is powered by the A11 processor. However, it is not durable. Also, keep in mind that the company has decided to discontinue it. It costs too much, even for Apple.

iPhone 11 does not have a telephoto lens

Cameras are the most important things that differentiate the two iPhones. Both of them have dual 12-megapixel rear cameras, and their type of lens built-in them is very different. The iPhone 11 has a wide and ultrawide camera, and the iPhone X has a standard lens and a telephoto shooter. In this case, iPhone X can zoom into a photo, without actually losing its quality. Even if iPhone 11 does not have a telephoto lens, its cameras are overall better.

iPhone 11 also has a powerful A13 chipset. It is combined with Deep Fusion, which makes the cameras of the iPhone 11 the best that you can buy nowadays. These cameras capture a 120-degree field of view, which allows you to get more of your surroundings than previous models allowed you to.

Do you know how there was a problem with low-light photos in iPhones? This is not the case. With iPhone 11, you get a new automatic Night Mode feature, which will help you with that kind of photo. iPhone X does not have the automatic Night Mode feature, so you might have a problem if you’re into this kind of photography.

The display of iPhone X is smaller

We can also differentiate the phones by taking a look at their displays. The iPhone X is a winner here since it has a higher resolution display with a better build quality. iPhone 11 has a larger LCD display, but the OLED display on iPhone X, with a 2,436 x 1,125-pixel resolution, is by far the better one. But it is more expensive because of the OLED screen.






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