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Is Amazon Better Than Google?

The chief scientist of the Artificial Intelligence division stated that he tests his own technology, and with all of them named Alexa, he can see which one is the right device, for example, or which one is waking up. Alexa does a lot, but it is still not enough.

Mr. Prasad discussed the plans the company has for Alexa in an interview with the BBC. They want the device to become even more smarter and follow users everywhere they go. This is also known as ubiquitous ambient computing, and Amazon hopes to best with this market.

In the US, they already sell an Echo system that is able to play Alexa in the car thorough the speakers. Mr. Prasad stated that he wanted the virtual assistant to follow humans when they walk, too. In order to make this happen, they need to get better at contextual reasoning. Let us take a clear example: if you are in a store, and you’re asking, “Where are the tomatoes?”, the device will need the context. You are actually looking for the aisle that has tomatoes, so perhaps you’re looking for a store map. If you’re in a hotel room, and you want to know the swimming pool hours, then you should get the hours for the hotel pool, not the community pool.

In order to make this happen, the firm launched its own earbuds for Alexa, and they are also testing other devices, like glasses or even rings.  Alexa has a way to make people attracted, and they spend a lot of time talking to it, and with the data, Mr. Prasad and his team can train algorithms in order to make the improvements.

There are hundreds of millions of devices in the entire world who are taking many requests each and every week from customers. Mr. Prasad added that Alexa offers about 100.000 skills, its own version of apps, and can even communicate with other smart products from more than 9500 brands. It looks like Amazon has an advantage. According to a report, the smart speakers from Amazon outsold Google in the last quarter.





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