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Is Daniel Radcliffe Coming to GTA 6? New Concept Art

Will the English actor Daniel Radcliffe be present in the next major iteration of the Grand Theft Auto series? Judging by the rumors, GTA 6 will follow the same formula as its predecessor by introducing three protagonist characters. Numerous gamers from all over the world are eagerly waiting for GTA 6 to arrive, and we know for sure that the game is under the works by Rockstar.

A new fan art reveals Daniel Radcliffe as he’s handling two pistols, and this grants some hope that we’ll see the actor in the future game:

The Reddit user JoeyNisco posted this piece of concept art, so there’s no official source here. But even so, perhaps the developers from Rockstar will be inspired by these images, especially if they go viral and a lot of fans will demand to see a representation of the English actor in GTA 6.

Will GTA 6 have the biggest map in the series?

Since the map for GTA 5 is easily larger than those from any other game from the Grand Theft Auto series, we can make the reasonable assumption that GTA 6 will be featuring an even more imposing ‘playground’. GTA 5 has pretty much everything that a fan of open-world games could want: islands, mountains, lakes, seas, snow, tall buildings, countryside, jets, tanks, fast cars, and a lot more. Those working on GTA 6 will have to put a lot of effort if they ever want to surpass what the map of the predecessor game has to offer. Hints point to the idea that they’re on the right path, as more than seven years had passed since GTA 5 came out. This is the largest amount of time Grand Theft Auto fans had to wait for a sequel, and it will surely enhance itself for other several years (at least!).

One huge news from the rumors is that GTA 6 will also be featuring a female character among the protagonists. Who cannot possibly enjoy seeing a badass girl who teaches some manners to her enemies the hard way? But of course, only time will tell for sure.



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