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Is It Worth Waiting for iPhone 12?

All that we know about Apple’s new iPhone 12 is that it comes with good news and bad news. Recently, we got the release dates, as well. According to the leaks, we will get iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12.

According to the CFO Luca Maestri, the line-up will be delayed. Jon Prosser has talked more about the release date. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models “are staggered, so they want to try to line them up the best they can before the announcement.” This might mean that we’re getting different levels of stock for the standard and Pro versions. The availability of the devices might also vary, depending on what model you decide to buy. Apple had done a lot to release these iPhones when they were supposed to, but it seems that it will not all be pink when that happens.

We have learned that Apple has confirmed the smaller notch. There has been a lot of rumors around the notch. Apparently, Apple wanted to reduce the size of the notch. But then people started to think that might not happen, because several leaks showed that the notch with not be changed, after all. But we still don’t know how smaller it will be and if it will be small enough to improve the look of the iPhone.

Apple launched the iPhone 11 range on the 20th of September. If we are to take into account this pattern, the release of the iPhone 12 line-up might happen at the beginning of October.

According to rumors on the internet, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro will have the best design we’ve seen in years. But the biggest question might be if it’s really worth buying this device. It is a good device, but with the downgrade of the capacity of the battery and the high prices might say otherwise.




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