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Is Rockstar Games Hinting to New GTA 6 Locations?

Rockstar Games may have given fans some hints with regards to the locations on the upcoming GTA 6, a highly awaited title. The hint actually appears to be similar to a previous leak.​

As console players are excitedly awaiting the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett that will appear during the following holiday season, a huge game on everybody’s minds is GTA 6. The next sequel of the renown game is, at least now, officially unconfirmed. However, this hasn’t stopped numerous rumors and speculations with regards to it.

Fans of the popular franchise have already discussed what they would love to see in the GTA 6, and also analyzed the leaks, whether real or fake, each time they have appeared online. One of the biggest and perhaps most ambitious leaks depicts a game that would expand across several continents and time spans. This is the one that fans believe the gaming giant keeps dropping hints about.

Multiple Locations and Time Periods

As per the apparent leaks, gamers would find locations such as South America, more precisely, in a fictionalized Colombia, before coming back to places in Liberty City, Vice City, and even San Fierro.

Therefore, with Rockstar Games sending gifts to YouTubers and other game influencers as the holiday season began, people started to wonder why the company’s logo patch depicted was Colombian flag-themed. The post, posted on Twitter by a Rockstar co-ordinator from the North studio located in Edinburgh, rapidly spread across social media.

As soon as the post hit the social media networks, fans indicated that the developers could actually be dropping obvious hints as it doesn’t link to a studio or anything they have ownership of.

Still, with no official announcements about the game, not even the fact that it is confirmed as being worked on, the report is, most likely, worth taking with a pinch of salt until an official statement is being made.



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