Is Snapchat the Next Rival of TikTok?

It seems that Snapchat is currently testing a brand new feature that will allow you to add music to the videos that you record. This new feature will probably make Snapchat the competition of TikTok, especially now, when President Trump wants to ban the app.

As you may all know, in India, the app was banned in late June, together with 58 apps originating from China. The President has been threatening to ban TikTok due to data privacy concerns.

Snapchat would launch the feature firstly to New Zealand and Australia. Users will be able to be more creative, but will it actually be a true competitor to TikTok?

We are not getting a feed of videos specially made for music, and there won’t be a way to find new videos with the same song, which is what makes TikTok special.

An insider from Snapchat stated that the app will be designed for sharing music only with your real friends. Snapchat is well-aware that TikTok is the target for them now. Snap said that “based on publicly available data,” its app “reaches more people in the U.S. than Twitter and TikTok combined.” Apparently, when friends get a new Snap with music, they will be able to swipe up in order to see the album art, the song title and the name of the artist.

So how will that happen?

There will be a new link available – “Play This Song.” When you click it, it will open a web view to Linkfire, which will allow users to listen to the full song, and not only a snippet, on their favorite streaming platform (Apple Music, Spotify or SoundCloud).

When will this happen?

According to some reports, the feature will be released for everyone this fall. The music will come from Merlin, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Music Group – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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