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Is Switching From Firefox to Microsoft Edge Worth It?

After the new version of Microsoft Edge rolled out, some decided to use it as their daily web browser, throwing the towel on the popular Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox after using them for many years.

As per reports, Firefox seems to be the browser that is more seriously affected, as it recently lost the second position to the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. The achievement is not surprising, in fact, because the new browser has the advantage of being provided as the default search engine on Windows 10.

Based on Chromium

At the moment, Windows 10 is the most popular PC operating system, with a share that approaches 60 percent. Simply put, Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser on six in ten computers, which explains why the new search engine was so rapidly adopted.

However, at the same time, we question whether the switch from Firefox to Microsoft Edge is worth it. Although we’re not planning to compare the browsers, we should mention that Edge is, basically, a combination of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

Because it runs on the Chromium engine, Microsoft‘s new browser packs a series of features that are incredibly similar to that of Google Chrome, and it is even able to run extensions that are accessible in the Chrome Web Store. In addition, it also has some features that were initially available on the first Microsoft Edge version that came with Windows 10. Microsoft is currently working to bring even more functionalities from the old browser to the new one, including the scrolling system.

At first, the Microsoft Edge appears to be some mix of features, so the switch from Firefox to this new browser is something people might have expected.

A Way Out of the Google World

However, because Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, others believe that Firefox is the only alternative to the complete domination of Google and Chrome, and supporting Mozilla’s developments is a great way to persist in the face of this forced push.

In fact, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are not the only search engines that are built on Chromium, but other incredibly popular browsers, such as Vivaldi and Opera, also use the same engine. Overall, Chromium browsers are many in the market, and that is why Mozilla Firefox is considered the only way to step out of the Google world.

Mozilla has also criticized Microsoft’s decision to build the browser on the Chromium engine, a move that the company depicted as ‘handing over the control of even more of online life to Google.’

“If one product like Chromium has enough market share, then it becomes easier for web developers and businesses to decide not to worry if their services and sites work with anything other than Chromium. That’s what happened when Microsoft had a monopoly on browsers in the early 2000s before Firefox was released. And it could happen again,” Mozilla said.

With the adoption of the new Microsoft Edge increasing and Mozilla Firefox falling to the third place globally, what do you think? Is it the switch from Firefox to Microsoft Edge actually worth it?



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