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Is The Galaxy S21 Samsung’s Final Punch-Hole Flagship Device?

The smartphone business is continuously evolving, and extreme technological advancements were made over the past few years.

One of the most intense subjects of improvement in smartphones is the screen.

Companies worked on various solutions to achieve full-screen displays, including notches, pop-up cameras, tri-bezel-less designs, water-drop, punch-hole.

The latest technologies include under-screen cameras that allow for further progress to produce a genuinely full-screen display.

Samsung, ZTE, Xiaomi, and others are working hard to develop that technology.

The Bold Report

A recent report suggests that Samsung is focusing its efforts on under-screen camera tech.

Lower light transmittance would impact the imaging of the front camera.

For that reason, the S21 won’t have an under-screen camera but a punch-hole one!

However, rumors suggest that the S21 would be Samsung’s last punch-hole flagship.

Ross Young, an industry insider, says that Samsung’s on-screen camera tech will enter mass-production in 2021.

If the S21 doesn’t pack that technology, the first model to bear it might be the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Future models will likely use on-screen camera technology to achieve proper full-screen bodies.

Possible Specifications

As for the setup, the Galaxy S21 will likely feature Qualcomm’s 875 SoC.

That chip isn’t officially announced, but we expect it to be announced later this season.

Its mass-production and sale will start next year.

The Galaxy S21 will also be available in an Exynos version. That version will be directed towards European and other markets, as we got used to.

The Qualcomm version will most likely be available in the U.S., China, and South Korea.

Samsung’s schedule suggests that the new flagship will be released next year, likely in February.



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