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Is Your Nintendo Switch not Turning On? Here is What to do

Nintendo Switch is one of the most used consoles in the world. However, some owners of the console have reported that, at times, the device won’t turn on. In spite of seeming a huge problem, this is, in fact, a minor situation that can easily be fixed. 

Some causes include the failure to charge the Nintendo Switch properly, or a reset requirement. Here are some of the reasons that might cause this issue and how to solve it.

Reasons Behind Nintendo Switch Not Turning On

The issue can have several causes, and the most common are those:

• You didn’t charge it properly
• The power cable is loose or damaged
• You are utilizing third-party power adapters

How to Fix the Issue

Charge the Console

If Nintendo Switch is not efficiently charged, it won’t turn on at all, so if you encounter this issue, it most likely happens because the battery has drained. Plug the console into an original Switch AC adapter and wait to charge for at least 30 minutes.

The complete charging process for a fully-functional console takes at least three hours. We do not recommend you to ever charge your console with a third-party power adapter because such types of adapters can destroy the device.

Perform a Hard Reset

If you have charged the console, but it still won’t turn on, it is best that you reset the whole device. By performing a hard reset, your data will be saved, so you don’t have to concern yourself with such things. Here is a short guideline that shows you how to perform a hard reset of the Nintendo Switch.

• Disconnect the joy-cons and press the power button of the console for about 12 seconds
• Release it and press it again like you normally do
• Put back the joy-cons
• Unplug the AC adapter from both sides and wait at least 30 seconds to reset
• Connect the adapter to the console and to an outlet as well

If you performed the hard reset, but the Nintendo Switch still won’t turn on, you should contact Nintendo Customer Support.



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