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Jio TV 5.9.2 Update is Now Available with New Channels and Improved Performances

Do you like watching amazing shows such as Super Dancer 3, Rising Star or The Kapil Sharma Show? If that is the case, then you might want to check out Jio TV. This is a highly popular streaming app with more than one hundred million downloads which speaks volumes about the performances that it offers. The great thing about Jio TV is that unlike DTH, you will be able to stream all your favorite shows directly on your smartphone at any time! To top it all off, Jio TV is free to use. You will not need to spend a single dime to access 600+ channels that Jio TV offers.

Jio TV 5.9.2 Update

The reason why Jio TV is making headlines on our website today is because the live streaming app has just received a new update. The update is changing Jio TV’s version number to 5.9.2 and it is rolling out via over the air channels. Therefore, we are advising all Jio TV fans to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network so that they can access the new update ahead of everyone else.

New Channels and Improved Performances

The question that all Jio TV fans must be asking right now is if downloading the update is worth it? The answer to the question is yes. This is not a minor update that comes with a handful of bug fixes and instead, it is a major release that introduces support for additional TV channels to Jio TV.

Not just that, but the update is also equipped with a handful of under the hood software tweaks that are taking Jio TV’s live streaming performances to the next level. This means that Jio TV will be able to load TV channels and other videos at much faster speeds than usual.



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