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Joker Might Get a Sequel and Here is the Possible Plot, Cast and More

Joker scored one of the best reviews so far, and it hit the box office like no other. Its plot reached everyone’s top lists, and it could also be the first R-Rated movie to join the billion dollars club. How did the film succeed in doing all of these? Well, by putting Todd Philips as a director and Joaquin Phoenix as the main actor, it did quite the magic. Joker received so much attention that we have now two teams, one marked by a lot of critical acclaims, while the other is filled with loving fans. Fantastic reviews and unforgettable performance, the keys to the best-reviewed film of 2019. Joker is still running successfully in some theaters. Due to its popularity, the film might get to see a sequel in the making. Also, fans are asking for more from the new Joker world.

The film is known not to be part of the DC Universe, and the sequel would supposedly follow this direction, too.

Joker Sequel Plot Info

Joker is seen as an intriguing, different, yet revolutionary film, something as some critics said, has never been done before. But why did this Joker get us so much? The movie is based on the risks of the society we live in, focused on the weak and poor class. The character’s vision is blurry, yet so true to what people feel and experience.

Joker 2 would focus on a similar plot, involving a specific theme and its long-lasting effects on the character and the encountered people.

The director, Todd Philips, has spoken about such a possibility of a sequel and what it would bring this time. He stated, “While most of the movies are about a spark, Joker 2 will be about the powder, it would capture the real struggle of the character and not just about the crazy clown prince of Gotham.”

Possible Release Date Predictions

Currently, it is too early to decide a release date for the Joker sequel, but we can think at a period of a minimum of 2-3 years to develop the plot. Also, Todd Philips said that if Joaquin Phoenix still wants to be part of the series, then the Joker 2 will ultimately happen.



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