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Kingdom Hearts 3: This Is Where You Can Find the Lucky Emblems in San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo is based on Big Hero 6, and it is also one of the most recent worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. The enemies are stronger, and the Lucky Emblems are harder to find. Most of them are hidden, and some do not even appear if you visit the area at the wrong time.

We are here to give you some of the places where you can find Lucky Emblems.

The M Building – only at night

This is perhaps the easiest way to grab this one. You will need to find the South District: Night savepoint. From there, you’ll see behind you a building that says, “John’s Fashion Center.”. You will need to climb it up, then see a building with a large M on it. Look towards the M building for a sign. There are three spotlights that will form the Lucky Emblem – and you can only see them at night.

On The Woman’s Fan

For this one, you will need to find a building with a statue of three women on top. You can see it from the top of the M building. You will see the Lucky Emblem in the fan, held by one of the women. This can be seen both during the day and during the night.

Black and White balloon

Another Lucky Emblem can be found on the balloons floating around San Fransokyo. You can see it on the blue and white balloon, right next to a tall, circular building. You need to make your way to the top. Keep in mind that it is hidden on the patch of black; it’s right on the top.

North District Yellow Car

Go to the North District and go to the shady part of town. The car you need to get to is placed in the far back left edge of the North District, in an alley. You will find the Lucky Emblem on one of the doors of the car.

In The Railway Tunnel

Go to the railway tracks in the North District. It might be best to get it right after getting the one from the yellow car – it is easier this way. After taking the Lucky Emblem from there, go straight up to the rail track from above the alley. Follow the rails and then stand on the center platform in the nearby tunnel. You need to be at the right angle in order to see it.

Central District Rooftop

When you get to the Central District, try to look for a circular building. Keep in mind that it has two roofs of different heights. Go to the top of the roof, and you will see a green vent on top. The Lucky Emblem is between the tiles of one of the vents.

Hiro’s Garage

This one is right in Hiro’s Garage, right by the Moogle Shop. The yellow cables form the Lucky Emblem shape.






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