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Kingdom Hearts 3 Update: How Useful Is It for Us

The 1.10 update for Kingdom Hearts 3 was released back on Tuesday, and the patch comes with a solution for a few minor aspects of the game.

After turning on the EZ Codes – the Battle Codes – and the PRO Codes in the Premium Menu, the active codes will appear on-screen during the gameplay. They have also fixed various issues.

For those players of Kingdom Hearts 3 who have not really have the chance to dug deep into the Remind DLC, the update patch is useless.

The EZ Codes and the PRO codes were added to the Premium Menu after beating the Secret Boss. These codes will be used in order to make the Critical Mode of the game more manageable – players are given a chance to make Sora more powerful, with things like one-hit kills. The idea is that players can still unlock the Oathkeeper Keyblade Critical Mode reward, even when the codes are turned on.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available on Xbox One and PS4, and we are sure that many players find this update useful. But what the update basically does is to show the number of active codes on the screen when you are playing the game. It comes in handy when you are using the advantages for Sora. Besides this, we do not know much about the “various issues,” which have been fixed. We think they are talking about bugs in the Remind DLC.

In case you do not know, Remind is the last main piece that Square is releasing for Kingdom Hearts 3, so we do not believe they are going to change much, or they are going to add more.




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