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Kingdom Season 3 Update – Things You Shouldn’t Miss

The original Netflix series, a mix of apocalyptic kingdoms and the undead aired its second season starting from March 13. It has quickly risen to fame thanks to its intense plot and fantastic execution.

Fans of the series are eager to learn about the next season of the political, horror action.

What Should Fans Know?

Kingdom is one of the most successful and amazing dramas of the moment. It first aired in 2019 and then got renewed for a second season.

The second season was exceptionally well received and recorded primarily positive reviews.

It’s no doubt that there will be a third season of Kingdom, though the series hasn’t been officially renewed yet.

The main characters from the past season will be brought back, including:

  • Bae Doona as the doctor Seo-Bi
  • Ju Ji-Hoon as Crown Prince Lee Chang
  • Kim Hye-Jun as Queen Consort Cho

It’s also expected to see Ryu Seung-Yong return as Minister Cho Hak-Ju, Jun Ji-Hyun Kim Sang-Ho as Moo-young, and Kim Sung-Kyu as Young-Shin, and some others.


Unfortunately, few details about the plot of the 3rd season are known. Still, we can expect the third season to revolve around the origin of the plague.

The new season might start right where the second one ended, potentially addressing the 7-year time gap. There is a chance we might see an outbreak take place in the north.

Release Date

There is no release date known for the third season of Kingdom.

However, estimates say that the new season will likely be released mid-2020.

Still, we have to keep in mind that a delay is indeed possible because of the effect of the ongoing worldwide pandemic.

It’s believed that the worst-case scenario would mean that Kingdom season 3 will be released in early 2021.



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