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Kombucha Tea Reportedly Has Many Health Benefits, But Not Scientifically Proven

Kombucha is a fermented tea, dating back from over 2.000 years ago, considered to be the perfect drink to preserve your beauty and to remain young. Nowadays, the public opinion finds that everything that is dating back as an ancient remedy is a productive asset. However, sometimes this tendency to trust untested beliefs does not always have the desired outcome.

About Kombucha

The history of Kombucha states that the beverage is a traditional Chinese miracle elixir that was discovered around 220 B.C. the first time it was administrated, the primary usage purpose was to heal and help digestion.

Kombucha is composed of sugar, yeast, fruit, and bacteria, having a slightly sweet taste and being used for the composition of soda or cocktails. In addition to this, the tea has gained such popularity because of its health benefits brought by its origins.

The Benefits of the Kombucha Tea

Drinking Kombucha is an automatic boost for immunity, digestion, liver function, metabolism and many more. Additionally, the tea can be used either for losing weight, as well as stopping the hair loss. Furthermore, it can be administrated as an excellent medicine for a dose of energy for those who have diabetes, cancer, or AIDS. The flavored fruit drink is well-known for its ability to revitalize, rejuvenate and restore one’s spirit and soul.

However, doctors are not advertising the effects of Kombucha, but they are not sure whether they exist or not. There is no proper opinion regarding this matter because enough research was not provided to support or combat this theory.

The studies to demonstrate the potential of Kombucha have been performed on animals and cells. The research does not offer proper insight into the actual health benefits of the beverage; neither are they neglected. Future studies on this matter should determine a dosage pattern with frequency and the period it has to be administrated for achieving the benefits.



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