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Last of Us Part 2: We Are Too Excited and Here’s Why

The Last of Us Part 2 is bound to be an amazing game when it gets launched on PS4.  Before the June 19 release date, Naughty Dog, the developers, has talked about the sequel. This game seems to be the biggest PS4 game out there.

According to Anthony Newman, the co-director of the game, it will be so big that players will probably miss entire story sequences: “In this game, we’ve gone so far in making the level design open that there are actually entire story moments, entire combat encounters, full scripted sequences that you may completely miss.”

The original was very linear, and Newman’s comments make us want to get our hands on the game even more.

The Last of Us 2 is only weeks away from its release. The sequel will take place five years after the first game, and the survivors are not in Wyoming.

The official description reads that after a journey across the post-pandemic USA, Joel and Ellie settle down in Wyoming. They live in a community that gives them stability, even if there’s still the threat of the Infected and desperate survivors. But there’s a violent event that leads into chaos, and Ellie will leave, looking for justice. She will hunt those responsible, but the past will also get a hold on her.

The game will offer its players dynamic stealth gameplay, tense melee combat, and a fluid movement system.

The story will make players ask themselves what’s good and what’s wrong when Ellie is forced to deal with some of the consequences.

Fans who pre-ordered the game will get a PSN avatar of Ellie’s tattoo and an upgrade for her pistol, a manual with upgrades and recipes, and various supplements which are needed to unlock recipes and upgrades.



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