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League of Legends 10.7 Patch Notes: Changes for the Matchmaking Process

It has been said that the League of Legends 10.7 patch will come with a new champion with the release of a revamped Fiddlesticks update, and with matchmaking improvements.

Riot Games is making a lot of progress with their Champion Roadmap, by releasing their new version of Fiddlesticks. But developers are not focusing on more than just Summoners Rift in 10. They also want to improve the One-For-All and All Random All Mid modes.

The developers of the game have released the VGU for Fiddlesticks, with animations and abilities that should get us exactly what we expect from its name of “The Ancient Fear.” It will come with a new kit that will make players think a bit before going jungle. We cannot wait to see what tactics players will create with their character, now that the possibilities to ambush an enemy are even higher.

When it comes to Talon’s knives nerfed

The nerf would not change Talon, but it sure is going to reduce his ability to waveclear. The team behind the game will make Talon less damaging to its enemies, by reducing the damage that his W and Rake can deal with every use. The nerf will do a bit of damage from the knives, but it will also reduce the time that Talon can clear waves. It will also limit the time he has for roams.

Developers stated: “We all know Talon holds his blades close to his heart, but he’s letting them go too often.”

Changes in the matchmaking process

Riot Games will make improvements to the Solo/Duo queue. They will also fix the game outside of its three-laned arena: they will look at how the pre-made Duos can affect the overall skill distribution of the game.



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