League Of Legends Fiddlesticks Rework – The Big Update

The LoL Fiddlesticks Rework has been introduced this weekend by Riot Games, and there seems to be plenty of hype for the fantastic revamp from the community.

More than 1,500 League of Legends Fans has joined the thread adjacent to a post that showcased the new League of Legends Fiddlesticks Rework.

The main subjects that people are talking about are how much more unnatural the Scarecrow will be to face, alongside the Fiddlesticks abilities list.

The Scarecrow Effect

One LoL fan made a comical comment regarding the Harmless Scarecrow effect:

“It’s not even gonna affect me because the duration of the fear is gonna be wasted on my jumping out of my chair anyway.”

It appears that Riot Games has fulfilled its goal of updating Fiddlesticks to become the terrifying champion in the whole game.

The Developers’ Message

A message from the developers’ team reads: “As an utterly inhuman entity (regardless of what its true origins are), Fiddle lacks internal organs, a brain to think, or vocal cords to form sentences.”

They made it clear that any voice the Fiddle might have, it wouldn’t resemble the on of a person, but rather a projection – “Just as a scarecrow is the crude facsimile of a human being, its voice could be a crude mimicry of people it has come across/killed.”

The developers added that they are very excited about the direction they took with the Scarecrow as it is a feature they want to implement for the VO.

Release Date

However, there was no release date announced for the new Fiddlestick Rework, but the first stage will be launching it in the Public Beta Environment. It would be logical for the update to go live in the following weeks, which means that launch in early April is likely on PC.

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