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League of Legends: How to Fix Error 5C – Not Fetching Info for a Player

Released way back in October 2009 for PC and macOS, League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online games out there. The title was developed and published by Riot Games, and whether we like to admit it or not, it has its flaws from time to time. But the good news is that these flaws can be solved with enough info and a fair amount of patience.

Many LoL players had to confront the ‘trouble fetching information’ bug, one that stops them from queuing for games for no obvious reason. The error message is a real pain, as it says “trouble fetching information for this player (Error: 5C). Affected players should quit and log back in if this persists.” Even if players reset the game, the error still doesn’t go away.

Fixing the error is easier than you might think

All you actually need is a little patience to try out every option. You can use the repair tool from League of Legends, for instance. To do this, download the file here:

You’ll have to wait for several minutes or maybe even hours for the repair tool to do its job, but it might be worth the wait.

Another method for getting rid of the pesky Error 5C for LoL is to try disconnecting from the router, connecting to a hotspot using your mobile phone, and logging back in after pressing play. The next step is closing the hotspot and reconnecting to the router.

If you’re problem still hasn’t gone away, simply resetting the router could be the key. The bug is linked to internet connection, and there’s no wonder why since League of Legends is an online game. Therefore, many players who had this problem got it fixed by the simple act of resetting their routers.



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