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Longest Sea Creature Is Still Swimming In The Oceans

A 150-foot-long sea creature was recently found by underwater explorers. Their discovery is a unique translucent creature, whose unbelievable characteristics have never been seen up until now. The creature made of little critters was spotted on the coast of Australia.

The research was realized by the Curtin University in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and The Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Their study was conducted in the area of the Indian Ocean, where previous unique achievements have already been made. This is why the researchers’ team did not underestimate the potential of this area to provide humanity with incredible species.

The creature was awarded the title of the largest ever discovered the animal in the world. The discovery was published on the LiveScience blog, where it is stated that all the siphonophores are made of minuscule “zooids.” The colonies of zooids have already reached more than 130 feet, as it was previously declared by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Most Elongated Sea Creature Was Found

The discovery was made by a team of researchers that were on the board of vessel Falkor. They were investigating the deep-sea canyons that are characteristic for the Australia’s Ningaloo Coast. Apart from this unique species, they also found an impressive group of glass sponges and many more other species.

They utilized a remotely operated vehicle that explored and collected several samples that would help the team to investigate the construction of the species. However, the question is if the most significant species ever discovered can be called an animal.

The twitter page Schmidt Ocean has shared the outcome of the research online. A video was made available for the fans, which were able to visualize the impressive sea creature, which is supposed to be the most abundant species ever recorded in the history. The species discovered will be exposed to the WA Museum collections.



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