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MacBook 2021 Models To Ditch Intel And Use Apple’s Processors

2021 will be the year when once again Apple will prove to the world that the hardware field is a top priority. Besides a hypothetical iPhone 13 and many other impressive gadgets, the giant tech company headquartered in Cupertino will choose not to count on Intel anymore for the chipsets of its future MacBook 2021 model. Apple is like ‘we’ll do it our way’ as it plans to add its own main processors for the device.

Nobody says that Intel doesn’t get the job done when it’s about processors, but Apple will bring its own A14 processor for the 2021 MacBook.

MacBook 2021 to sport Apple processors with over 12 cores

The future of Apple’s MacBook models look better than ever since the American tech giant is aiming to add processors with not less than 12 cores for its upcoming devices. The first ARM processors by Apple will be featuring eight high-performance cores, which will be codenamed Firestorm. There will also be a minimum of four energy-efficient cores, known as Icestorm.

For some Mac devices, Apple will double or even quadruple the number of cores that Intel provides.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Apple’s partner for iPhone and iPad chips, will have the privilege of building the new processors for Mac gadgets. Furthermore, the chipset components will be based on a 5-nanometer technique. It’s the same size Apple plans of using in the next iPhone and iPad Pro gadgets.

No more Intel processors in the future MacBook models

It’s easy to conclude that Apple taking care of things on his own when it comes to the future Mac chipsets is not satisfying news at all for Intel, the company that made some of the Mac processors before. Brad Gastwirth, who is chief technology strategist at Wedbush Securities, declared: “This news has negative longer-term implications for Intel, in-line with our concerns around Intel’s future market share,”

There you have it, Apple is wanting to get things done their own way. Sorry Intel, it seems like the end of the road for you in MacBook 2021 models. You know what they say: everything must come to an end.



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