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MacBook Air Powered by Windows 10 – What Would Be the Difference?

MacBook Air launched three months ago, bringing one of the most ultraportable laptops to the market. In addition to this, the device features a Magic Keyboard and a top-of-the-line processor, as well as a retina screen. However, should you wish to enjoy all the characteristics of Apple’s MacBook Air, you must try to run Windows 10 on your laptop.

The display is powered by macOS Catalina, which is responsible for 400 nits of brightness. When compared to the recently released MacBook Pro, which brings 500, it may not seem that much. However, the good news is that the display of MacBook Air is capable of displaying the same amount of nits as MacBook Air. The only problem is that macOS does not allow its users to do so.

This possibility was discovered by Andreas Osthoff, who has decided to test alongside with his team the capabilities of MacBook Air powered by macOS in comparison with the same device powered by Windows 10.  That was the time when they manage to discover this issue. Osthoff has declared that the two measurements are showing that both operating systems create the perfect environment for the screen capabilities to be displayed. However, the value of maximum brightness is different, since macOS is 415 cd/m2, while Windows brings 547 cd/m2.

How you may ask yourself why did the company decide to promote a less improved service. The answer is simple and is related to the lifespans of displays. When downgrading the brightness levels, the living space is enhanced. It is your decision now if you would prefer to have a brighter screen, but a smaller life span.

Consequently, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are not that similar when it comes to the display brightness. The question is now what would be the difference between their hardware components.



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