Mars: Are There Insects on the Red Planet?

Professor Emeritus William Romoser, who is an entomologist from Ohio University, stated that the images captured by NASA’s Mars rovers clearly show proof of fossilized and living creatures on the surface of the planet. He also said that there has been life on Mars and that there still is. The press release has been deleted, however. It seems that Mard has higher life forms, as well, according to the paper.

The research is quite biased on the images which were sent back to Earth from Mars with the help of the Mars Rover, and the conclusions are quite shocking. The paper showed that life on Mars was not about insects, but it claimed that there are also reptiles, like aliens, which feed on insects. The fauna, which consists of insects, appeared to be nesting in caves, and in other specialized structures. There are many different creatures in the fauna from Mars, which shows features that are similar to those of Earthly insects, which are seen as advanced groups. They have wings and wing flexion, they can fly pretty well, and they also have various structured leg elements.

Mr. Romoser talked about his conclusions drawn from the images. He stated that after a clear image of a form is identified, it is useful in making the recognition process easier on those images that are not clear when it comes to the same basic form.

For an anthropod, it’s enough to see the exoskeleton and the jointed appendages. To identify an insect on Earth, you need to see a single pair of antennas, six legs, and three body regions. These characteristics should also apply when trying to identify an organism on Mars that’s a supposed insect. From the images from Mars, we can see the attributes of an anthropoidal.

Mr. Romoser has been was an entomology professor at Ohio University for about 45 years, and he is the co-founder of the Tropical Disease Institute.

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