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Marvel’s Iron Man VR: How Are We Actually Going to Fight? 

Are you prepared to get the best experience of your life so far? Are you ready to be a hero? Iron Man VR by Marvel will soon hit the market, and the gameplay is fantastic. 

The demo is already available for fans out there. You can see what it’s like to play the actual game in VR, and what the storyline will be. It is so amazing to suit up like Iron Man and then fly high over the city.  

What should we expect?

The game will be released on the 3rd of July, 2020. It will be released in the US, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Republica Dominicana. But don’t worry, they did not forget about their Indian players: you can directly download it from the PlayStation Store. 

About the gameplay 

“Out of The Blue” is where you’ll need to suit up and fly through a Malibu Tutorial session. You can fight combats as a challenge in this mission. There are also some characters you’ll meet, such as Friday and Pepper Potts. 

This game is first-person narrative gameplay. Iron Man can fly, shoot, punch just like Stark did in his missions in the Marvel movies.

With regards to the controls of the game 

You’ll handle the fight by moving and controlling the track movement. When it comes to fighting, try to throw your hands forward, with the palms facing downwards. This is how you’ll stay in the air. By putting your hands on your side, with your palms facing back, you will be able to fly.  

It will be fascinating to see how we will handle the game, with the flying and the fighting. Be careful when you first play it, sit down, or have someone take care of you, as you might fall until you get used to it.   






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