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Massachusetts Bill Seeks to Hamper Logging

In recent years politicians have started to pay more attention to the environment and research that urges the need to implement necessary changes. Besides limiting the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, more things have to be done to prevent negative consequences in the future. One of the best solutions that contribute to the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is trees.

Massachusetts lawmakers have developed a new legislation plan that involves all the forests present within the boundaries of the state by banning commercial logging. The law could shield approximately 600,000 acres and become an essential model for woodland protection and harnesses the photosynthesis to enhance carbon storage.

Many of the current public land policies available in the state were elaborated several decades ago, during eras when global warming and climate change were still unknown or deemed to be unimportant. The new law would be the first of its kind in the United States of America. Similar versions have been adopted by countries like Nigeria and Brazil.

Massachusetts bill seeks to hamper logging

It is important to note that the legislation promotes proforestation, a principle which claims that letting trees grow will contribute more to the removal of carbon dioxide instead of planting new trees. As trees continue to grow, they will absorb a higher amount of carbon. When the trees become old and decay, the carbon will be transferred into the soil.

Several notable figures of the climate science community have announced that they will support the new bill. A renowned professor from Tufts University and an essential contributor to five IPCC reports has submitted testimony in favor of the bill during a recent state-level hearing.

As expected, some oppose the legislation, citing that the logging of state lands can provide excellent benefits for the forests, including the improvement of overall health and the creation of habitats for several animal species.



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