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Massive Unknown Fireball Illuminating the Skies of Tokyo

Is it an asteroid? Is it a flying saucer? Are aliens finally visiting us and are they willing to steal our secrets for how to play backgammon? These are the types of questions that Tokyo residents had been asking themselves during the last weekend. A mysterious and massive fireball had been wandering through their night sky, offering an impressive celestial show and causing plenty of noise.

Scientists all over the world had always been worrying that a second Chicxulub impactor will strike Earth someday and terminate all its life forms, like the way it did about 60 million years ago while exterminating the dinosaurs. But hopefully, humanity will have the right technology to deal with such a huge cosmic threat.

No need to worry

Regardless of how imposing it looks, the fireball that was spotted over the skies of Japan doesn’t pose any threat to us. It has been disintegrated in the atmosphere due to the air friction. Specialists are not sure if it was a space rock or some kind of space debris. You are free to delight your view with the related footage below:

The event occurred at around 2:30 a.m. local time, and it also produced a significant sonic boom that woke up plenty of people and scared them to death. Luckily enough, nobody reported any serious damage or heart attacks.

Here’s how the citizen that captured the footage above describes the event:

“A fireball brighter than the full moon (a particularly bright meteor) flowed from west to east over Tokyo. A few minutes later I heard a roaring boom that could be heard indoors, which may be related to the fireball. The video plays at the actual speed. It was taken from the balcony. I’m surprised that the meteor creates a halo.”

Anybody else willing to blame aliens for this?



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