Meet Raspberry Pi 400, The Keyboard with a Built-in Computer

Who needs an optical drive these days when computers are becoming more and more thinner and lighter? Therefore, we’re glad to see the Raspberry Pi 400, a keyboard packed with a built-in ARM-based computer. The Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced it, and it’s worth only about 70 bucks.

With the Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard, all you need is connecting a monitor to it for getting yourself a new computer. Of course, you’ll also need a power cord, a mouse, and a microSD card. You’ll get all of those components in the box of the keyboard if you choose to buy one.

Perfect for programming

There’s no need to have a powerhouse of a PC to write some web development code, and the Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard easily qualifies for such a task. Eben Upton, who is Raspberry Pi’s founder, suggests that the new keyboard could be used for programming:

“The dream always with Raspberry Pi is to lure people into buying a PC and then trick them into becoming computer programmers,

“That’s what happened to me, I was lured into buying a BBC Micro and then suddenly I became a software engineer.”

The Raspberry Pi Foundation describes its creation as following:

“Inspired by the classic PCs of the 1980s, here is Raspberry Pi 400: a complete personal computer, built into a compact keyboard.”

The keyboard features some decent specs, as we have to mention the quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, dual-display output, 4K video playback, wireless networking, and more.

Raspberry Pi 400 incorporates a board based on Raspberry Pi 4. The keyboard features the same powerful processor and it has specially designed thermals to keep the computer cool and silent while the user is using it for hard work. Furthermore, the keyboard is compact and easily portable, which means that manoeuvring it around anywhere you like shouldn’t be a problem.

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