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Mega Man X Corrupted – All We Ever Wanted?

The past few entries in the Mega Man spin-off series have gotten average reviews at best.

The series has been affected by some problems ranging from bland gameplay to repetitive level design and weapons that are only usable for exploiting the weak spot of a particular boss.

The Salvation

Some Mega Man enthusiasts have chosen an optimistic approach.

JKB Games has been developing a fantastic game to surprise the community in the form of Mega Man X: Corrupted for over a decade.

Sure, we got used to seeing spectacular fan art and fan games based on the series, and we expect to see some significant graphical upgrades from the conception of the project.

The available data is solid proof of hard work combined with extreme determination to produce a game that will undoubtedly be remembered for the intense effort that was put into making it.

About The Game

Mega Man X: Corrupted is an oddball when you compare it to the old formula of stage selection based on the Metroidvania layout.

In the new game, various upgrades and weapons are required to access more areas.

Many of the demo videos that the developer published show X or Zero teleporting onto the scene using various capsules, suggesting that the game will include a fast travel system. That would undoubtedly decrease the requirement for active backtracking.

The Maverick areas look like stages with set gimmicks that take some time to get used to.

The Weapon Factory, for example, will make players contend with molten metal that deals damage, but also a machine that makes the metal level rise quickly, which players have to dodge with a timed dash.

Overall, the game looks very promising, and you should consider giving it a try as soon as it is released.



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