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Meredith Does What?! What You Need to Know Before Seeing the Next Season of Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest medical dramas out there. Its fanbase started to grow a lot since day one, and we cannot blame them. The lives of these doctors are just…wow – full of tragedy and drama – Shonda Rhimes knows her deal.

Grey’s Anatomy was created by Shonda Rhimes. Before getting the 17th season, here is all you need to know about the first 16.

Its IMDB rating is 7.6/10. As of now, there are 363 episodes available.

What about the cast?

  • Meredith Grey – Ellen Pompeo
  • Cristina Yang – Sandra Oh
  • Izzie Stevens – Katherine Heigl
  • Alex Karev – Justin Chambers
  • George O’Malley – T. R. Knight
  • Miranda Bailey – Chandra Wilson
  • Richard Webber – James Pickens Jr.
  • Preston Burke – Isaiah Washington
  • Derek Shepherd – Patrick Dempsey
  • Addison Montgomery – Kate Walsh
  • Callie Torres – Sara Ramirez
  • Mark Sloan – Eric Dane
  • Lexie Grey – Chyler Leigh
  • Owen Hunt – Kevin McKidd
  • Arizona Robbins – Jessica Capshaw
  • Teddy Altman – Kim Raver
  • April Kepner – Sarah Drew
  • Jackson Avery – Jesse Williams
  • Jo Wilson – Camilla Luddington
  • Stephanie Edwards – Jerrika Hinton
  • Amelia Shepherd – Caterina Scorsone
  • Maggie Pierce – Kelly McCreary
  • Benjamin Warren – Jason George
  • Nathan Riggs – Martin Henderson
  • Andrew DeLuca – Giacomo Gianniotti
  • Thomas Koracick – Greg Germann
  • Atticus Lincoln – Chris Carmack

Season 1 –  9 episodes

  • Summary

In the first season, we meet our interns. We meet Dr. Meredith Grey. She has a one night stand after a night out, only to find out that the man she slept with was Derek Shepherd – her boss, that’s also married. Cristina Yang, another one of our interns, enters a relationship with her boss, surgeon Preston Burke. The rest of the interns, George O’Malley, Alex Karev, and Izzie Stevens, together with Meredith and Cristina, have to deal with “The Nazi” Dr. Miranda Bailey and Chief Richard Webber.

  • Episodes

S1E1 – A Hard Day’s Night

S1E2 – The First Cut Is the Deepest

S1E3 – Winning a Battle, Losing the War

S1E4 – No Man’s Land

S1E5 – Shake Your Groove Thing

S1E6 – If Tomorrow Never Comes

S1E7 – The Self-Destruct Button

S1E8 – Save Me

S1E9 – Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Season 2 – 27 episodes

  • Summary

In this season, we see Izzie, who falls for a patient named Denny Duquette. He dies after he proposed to her. We meet Derek’s wife – Addison – who joins the staff at the hospital, and Mark Sloan – ex-friend to Derek (spoiler alert, Mark and Addison slept together). We also meet Callie Torres. And now, the interesting thing happens:

Cristina gets pregnant,

Bailey has her baby while her husband has brain surgery

Burke is shot

Meredith has to hold a bomb inside a patient. And her dog dies.

Feeling ready to even more drama?

  • Episodes

S2E1 – Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

S2E2 – Enough Is Enough

S2E3 – Make Me Lose Control

S2E4 – Deny, Deny, Deny

S2E5 – Bring the Pain

S2E6 – Into You Like a Train

S2E7 – Something to Talk About

S2E8 – Let It Be

S2E9 – Thanks for the Memories

S2E10 – Much too Much

S2E11 – Owner of a Lonely Heart

S2E12 – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

S2E13 – Begin the Begin

S2E14 – Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

S2E15 – Break on Through

S2E16 – It’s the End of the World

S2E17 – As We Know It

S2E18 – Yesterday

S2E19 – What Have I Done to Deserve This?

S2E20 – Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole

S2E21 – Superstition

S2E22 – The Name of the Game

S2E23 – Blues for Sister Someone

S2E24 – Damage Case

S2E25 – 17 Seconds

S2E26 – Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response

S2E27 – Losing My Religion

Season 3 – 25 episodes

  • Summary

There’s a ferry accident, and Meredith almost drowns. Derek starts to fall in love even more with her after he saves her. Now, this weird thing happens – she does not die because dead Denny Duquette, Coach Taylor, and her mother tell her not to die.

Callie and George get married, and he cheats on her with Izzie.

Alex meets a patient from the crash – Ava, who’s amnesic and also pregnant. He falls in love with her, even if she’s married.

Meredith’s stepmother dies – from hiccups. Her father cannot take it, so he slaps her in the hospital. Then, Meredith’s mom dies.

The Chief’s wife miscarries

George fails his medical boards

Burke is leaving Cristina at the altar, and she starts crying that she’s free while Meredith cuts off her wedding dress.

  • Episodes

S3E1- Time Has Come Today

S3E2 – I Am a Tree

S3E3 – Sometimes a Fantasy

S3E4 – What I Am

S3E5 – Oh, the Guilt

S3E6 – Let the Angels Commit

S3E7 – Where the Boys Are

S3E8 – Staring at the Sun

S3E9 – From a Whisper to a Scream

S3E10 – Don’t Stand So Close to Me

S3E11 – Six Days (Part 1)

S3E12 – Six Days (Part 2)

S3E13 – Great Expectations

S3E14 – Wishin’ and Hopin’

S3E15 – Walk on Water

S3E16 – Drowning on Dry Land

S3E17 – Some Kind of Miracle

S3E18 – Scars and Souvenirs

S3E19 – My Favorite Mistake

S3E20 – Time After Time

S3E21 – Desire

S3E22/23 – The Other Side of This Life

S3E24 – Testing 1-2-3

S3E25 – Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Season 4 – 17 episodes

  • Summary

Meredith and Cristina leave for the honeymoon that Cristina and Burke were supposed to have, and they learn that Burke left for good.

Meredith meets her half-sister Lexie Grey that’s hired as an intern, but Meredith is not very fond of her.

Meredith dumps her mom’s ashes down the sink at the hospital.

George repeats the intern year

Addison leaves for a spin-off show (Private Practice)

  • Episodes

S4E1- A Change Is Gonna Come

S4E2 – Love/Addiction

S4E3 – Let the Truth Sting

S4E4 – The Heart of the Matter

S4E5 – Haunt You Every Day

S4E6 – Kung Fu Fighting

S4E7 – Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction

S4E8 – Forever Young

S4E9 – Crash Into Me (Part 1)

S4E10 – Crash Into Me (Part 2)

S4E11 – Lay Your Hands on Me

S4E12 – Where the Wild Things Are

S4E13 – Piece of My Heart

S4E14 – The Becoming

S4E15 – Losing My Mind

S4E16/17 – Freedom

Season 5 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

Callie concludes she is a lesbian after all and starts to date Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). Meredith gives Izzie and Alex the wedding ceremony she was supposed to have with Derek so they can get hitched before Izzie dies. George joins the army and is immediately hit by a bus. As he lies dying in one room, Izzie flat-lines in another. Tough season at Seattle Grace.

We meet a war veteran – Owen Hunt, who has to deal with his PTSD. And he’s dating Cristina.

Callie sleeps with another doctor from the hospital – Dr. Hahn, and she thinks she might be gay. She also sleeps with Mark Sloan, so perhaps she’s not really gay? She then starts to date Dr. Arizona Robbins, and she’s definitely gay.

Cristina gets stabbed by an icicle.

Izzie starts to see Denny’s ghost. It’s actually a brain tumor.

Mark likes Lexie.

Izzie and Alex get married before she dies.

George joins the army, and he is hit by the bus. He gets so messed up, no one even recognizes him. He dies in one room, as Izzie flat-lines in another.

  • Episodes

S5E1/2- Dream a Little Dream of Me

S5E3 – Here Comes the Flood

S5E4 – Brave New World

S5E5 – There’s No ‘I’ in Team

S5E6 – Life During Wartime

S5E7 – Rise Up

S5E8 – These Ties That Bind

S5E9 – In the Midnight Hour

S5E10 – All By Myself

S5E11 – Wish You Were Here

S5E12 – Sympathy for the Devil

S5E13 – Stairway to Heaven

S5E14 – Beat Your Heart Out

S5E15 – Before and After

S5E16 – An Honest Mistake

S5E17 – I Will Follow You Into the Dark

S5E18 – Stand By Me

S5E19 – Elevator Love Letter

S5E20 – Sweet Surrender

S5E21 – No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

S5E22 – What a Difference a Day Makes

S5E23 – Here’s to Future Days

S5E24 – Now or Never

Season 6 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

Izzie does not die. She gets fires and leaves Alex.

Seattle Grace merges with another hospital called Mercy West, and now it’s full of residents.

Meredith and Derek get married via Post-It note. She gets pregnant.

Richard has to deal with his alcoholism, so Derek takes over as Chief.

We meet Owen’s army friend, Teddy, who is hired. Cristina dumps Owen.

A patient dies, and her husband comes into the hospital and starts shooting out characters – he shoots both Alex and Derek, and Meredith sees it all. He also shoots Owen. They all survive, but Meredith loses the baby.

  • Episodes

S6E1- Good Mourning

S6E2 – Goodbye

S6E3 – I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watchin’ Me

S6E4 -Tainted Obligation

S6E5 – Invasion

S6E6 – I Saw What I Saw

S6E7 – Give Peace a Chance

S6E8 – Invest in Love

S6E9 – New History

S6E10 – Holidaze

S6E11 – Blink

S6E12 – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

S6E13 – State of Love and Trust

S6E14 – “Valentine’s Day Massacre

S6E15 – The Time Warp

S6E16 – Perfect Little Accident

S6E17 – Push

S6E18 – Suicide is Painless

S6E19 – Sympathy for the Parents

S6E20 – Hook, Line, and Sinner

S6E21 – How Insensitive

S6E22 – Shiny Happy People

S6E23 – Sanctuary

S6E24 – Death and All His Friends

Season 7 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

Cristina marries Owen.

Arizona leaves for Africa to save lives, and Callie starts sleeping with Mark Sloan, and she gets pregnant. At one point, Arizona and Callie reunite, but then a car accident happens. Callie wakes up from the coma, and she proposes to Arizona.

Teddy falls in love with a patient – Henry.

Meredith and Derek break up after she messes up with his Alzheimer’s clinical trial – she tries to help Richard’s wife.

Mark really loves Lexie (this time), but she dumps him because he got Callie pregnant. She meets another resident, Jackson Avery, and starts to date him.

  • Episodes

S7E1 – With You I’m Born Again

S7E2 – Shock to the System

S7E3 – Superfreak

S7E4 – Can’t Fight Biology

S7E5 – Almost Grown

S7E6 – These Arms of Mine

S7E7 – That’s Me Trying

S7E8 – Something’s Gotta Give

S7E9 – Slow Night, So Long

S7E10 – Adrift and at Peace

S7E11 – Disarm

S7E12 – Start Me Up

S7E13 – Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)

S7E14 – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

S7E15 – Golden Hour

S7E16 – Not Responsible

S7E17 – This Is How We Do It

S7E18 – Song Beneath the Song

S7E19 – It’s a Long Way Back

S7E20 – White Wedding

S7E21 – I Will Survive

S7E22 – Unaccompanied Minor

Season 8 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

April Kepner fails her medical boards, and she hooks up with Jackson – even if she wanted to save herself for marriage and all.

Cristina is pregnant, but she gets an abortion without discussing it with Owen. He cheats on her.  She kills Henry by accident, and Owen fires Teddy.

Richard’s wife has Alzheimer’s, and it advances fast – she does not recognize him anymore.

A plane crash happens. Lexie dies. Mark and Arizona are injured badly. Derek’s operating hand is…not great. Cristina and Meredith are okay.

  • Episodes

S8E1 – Free Falling

S8E2 – She’s Gone

S8E3 – Take the Lead”

S8E4 – What Is It About Men

S8E5 – Love, Loss, and Legacy

S8E6 – Poker Face

S8E7 – Put Me In, Coach

S8E8 – Heart-Shaped Box

S8E9 – Dark Was the Night

S8E10 – Suddenly

S8E11 – This Magic Moment

S8E12 – Hope for the Hopeless

S8E13 – If/Then

S8E14 – All You Need Is Love

S8E15 – Have You Seen Me Lately?

S8E16 – If Only You Were Lonely

S8E17 – One Step Too Far

S8E18 – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

S8E19 – Support System

S8E20 – The Girl With No Name

S8E21 – Moment of Truth

S8E22 – Let the Bad Times Roll

S8E23 – Migration

S8E24 – Flight

Season 9 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

The action of the season starts three months after the plane crash.

Mark dies.

Arizona’s leg is amputated by Callie, which sparks a severe fight.

Richard’s wife dies.

Derek’s hand is still..not good.

Cristina leaves to Minnesota.

Bailey marries anesthesiologist Ben,

Alex falls in love with a new intern called Jo.

Those who survived the crash sue the hospital and then bought it with the money won from the trial. They name it Grey Sloan Memorial.  (get it? Lexie and Mark? We’re in tears.)

Meredith is pregnant. There’s a power outage. She falls down the stairs, and she goes into labor, just like that.

Arizona cheated on Callie.

Richard is electrocuted and left for dead.

  • Episodes

S9E1- Going, Going, Gone

S9E2 – Remember the Time

S9E3 – Love the One You’re With

S9E4 – I Saw Her Standing There

S9E5 – Beautiful Doom

S9E6 – Second Opinion

S9E7 – I Was Made for Lovin’ You

S9E8 – Love Turns You Upside Down

S9E9 – Run, Baby, Run

S9E10 – Things We Said Today

S9E11 – The End is the Beginning is the End

S9E12 – Walking on a Dream

S9E13 – Bad Blood

S9E14 – The Face of Change

S9E15 – Hard Bargain

S9E16 – This Is Why We Fight

S9E17 – Transplant Wasteland

S9E18 – Idle Hands

S9E19 – Can’t Fight This Feeling

S9E20 – She’s Killing Me

S9E21 – Sleeping Monster

S9E22 – Do You Believe in Magic?

S9E23 – Readiness is All

S9E24 – Perfect Storm

Season 10 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

Richard does not die. But the intern that saved him does.

April is at the altar, marrying someone else when she finally decides that she actually wants to marry Jackson. They elope. April gets pregnant.

Arizona and Callie get back together, and they want to have another baby, but Arizona miscarries.

Bailey has OCD.

Cristina leaves for good to Switzerland.

Derek moves to Washington, and Meredith meets another new sister, Maggie Pierce. She’s Richard and Ellis’s child.

  • Episodes

S10E1- Seal Our Fate

S10E2 – I Want You with Me

S10E3 – Everybody’s Crying Mercy

S10E4 – Puttin’ On the Ritz

S10E5 – I Bet It Stung

S10E6 – Map of You

S10E7 – Thriller

S10E8 – Two Against One”

S10E9 – Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

S10E10 – Somebody That I Used to Know

S10E11 – Man on the Moon

S10E12 – Get Up, Stand Up

S10E13 – Take It Back

S10E14 – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

S10E15 – Throwing It All Away

S10E16 – We Gotta Get Out of This Place

S10E17 – Do You Know?

S10E18 – You Be Illin’

S10E19 – I’m Winning

S10E20 – Go It Alone

S10E21 – Change of Heart

S10E22 – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

S10E23 – Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right

S10E24 – Fear (Of the Unknown)

Season 11 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

April gets pregnant, but their baby dies. April goes on military leave – her way of grieving, and Jackson is alone.

Callie and Arizona divorce.

Arizona finds out that her mentor has a brain tumor that cannot be operated.

Richard marries Jackson’s mom.

Derek’s sister Amelia appears in the picture (we got to know her better from Private Practice), and she takes over as neurosurgeon.

Derek gets back home because he cannot live without Meredith and his kids. Derek then dies. Meredith simply disappears with her two children and gives birth to a third one.

  • Episodes

S11E1- I Must Have Lost it on the Wind

S11E2 – Puzzle With a Piece Missing

S11E3 – Got to Be Real

S11E4 -Only Mama Knows

S11E5 – Bend & Break

S11E6 – Don’t Let’s Start

S11E7 – Could We Start Again, Please?

S11E8 – Risk

S11E9 – Where Do We Go From Here

S11E10 – The Bed’s Too Big Without You

S11E11 – All I Could Do Was Cry

S11E12 – The Great Pretender

S11E13 – Staring at the End

S11E14 – The Distance

S11E15 – I Feel the Earth Move

S11E16 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

S11E17 – With or Without You

S11E18 – When I Grow Up

S11E19 – Crazy Love

S11E20 – One Flight Down

S11E21 – How to Save a Life

S11E22/23 – She’s Leaving Home

S11E24 – Time Stops

S11E25 – You’re My Home

Season 12 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

Meredith moves in with Maggie and Amelia.

Callie starts dating Penny, who killed Derek. But they will all find out that later, at Meredith’s house.

Bailey is the new Chief of Surgery and has to suspend her own husband.

Amelia starts drinking. Then she gets married to Owen.

Callie and Arizona start the custody fight for Sophia. Arizona wins. Callie leaves to start a new life in New York with Penny.

Maggie sleeps with an intern.

April returns back home and learns that Jackson wants a divorce. They hook up one last time, and she gets pregnant. Of course, there’s a storm, and April cannot get to the hospital in time to have her baby safely. Ben performs the delivery – an emergency c-section.

  • Episodes

S12E1- Sledgehammer

S12E2 – Walking Tall

S12E3 – I Choose You

S12E4 – Old Time Rock and Roll

S12E5 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

S12E6 – The Me Nobody Knows

S12E7 – Something Against You

S12E8 – Things We Lost in the Fire

S12E9 – The Sound of Silence

S12E10 – All I Want Is You

S12E11 – Unbreak My Heart

S12E12 – My Next Life

S12E13 – All Eyez on Me

S12E14 – Odd Man Out

S12E15 – I Am Not Waiting Anymore

S12E16 – When It Hurts So Bad

S12E17 – I Wear the Face

S12E18 – There’s a Fine, Fine Line

S12E19 – It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

S12E20 – Trigger Happy

S12E21 – You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

S12E22 – Mama Tried

S12E23 – At Last

S12E24 – Family Affair

Season 13 – 24 episodes

  • Summary

Alex beats Andrew DeLuca badly after finding him in a compromising position with Jo. Meredith wants to report him but also doesn’t want that because he’s her friend. But Alex chooses to turn himself in, and his career is threatened.

We learn that Jo’s name is actually Brooke and that she used to be married to Paul, who used to beat her. In order to protect Jo from having to testify, Alex pleads guilty.

Jackson and April name their baby girl Harriet. They travel to Montana to operate a patient. April soon finds out that Jackson is actually there to meet his father. They sleep together. Again.

Both Meredith and Maggie like Nathan, but Meredith refuses to hurt her.

Amelia starts to questions her relationship with Owen. She might be pregnant and has a hard time telling Owen.

We meet  Dr. Eliza Minnick, the new consultant, who is not the most likable person.  Richard wants to know why she is present at the hospital.

Maggie’s mother is battling breast cancer. She is struggling to deal with the fact that her mother will die soon.

Meredith puts away the wedding post-it, and she starts to move on. She also has to face her feelings for Nathan.

Owen finds out that his sister, Megan, is alive (she’s also Nathan’s fiancee). Megan has been presumed dead for ten years.

A patient takes Stephanie hostage, and she sets him on fire. After the incident happens, she realizes she just wants to see the world, but not from a hospital.

Dr. Eliza Minnick is fired.

  • Episodes

S13E1- Undo

S13E2 – Catastrophe and the Cure

S13E3 – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

S13E4 – Falling Slowly

S13E5 – Both Sides Now

S13E6 – Roar

S13E7 – Why Try to Change Me Now

S13E8 – The Room Where It Happens

S13E9 – You Haven’t Done Nothin’

S13E10 – You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)

S13E11 – Jukebox Hero

S13E12 – None of Your Business

S13E13 – It Only Gets Much Worse

S13E14 – Back Where You Belong

S13E15 – Civil War

S13E16 – Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?

S13E17 – ‘Til I Hear It From You

S13E18 – Be Still, My Soul

S13E19 – What’s Inside

S13E20 – In the Air Tonight

S13E21 – Don’t Stop Me Now

S13E22 – Leave It Inside

S13E23 – True Colors

S13E24 – Ring of Fire

Season 14 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

Amelia has a brain tumor, she’s had it for ten years, actually. They managed to cut it out. She starts to think about how much of her life was handled by the tumor (was it, Owen, too?). Their marriage crumbles. Owen fosters a child, and Amelia helps him.

Megan’s sick. Meredith saves her. Somehow, she also saves Nathan: “If it were Derek, I would already be gone.”, telling him it is okay to get back to her, even if they have feelings for each other.

Owen leaves for Germany to see Teddy, and he’s ready to give their relationship a go. All’s well until Teddy learns that Owen just slept with Amelia, and he gets back to Seattle – gets back to Amelia – after finding out it won’t work with Teddy. Teddy is suddenly given the interim chief position, and she accepts it. And she’s pregnant with Owen.

Meredith has to acquire a patent that belongs to Ellis Grey’s former best friend, Marie Cerone. She deals with a lot of problems because of that.

After finding out that his father, Harper Avery, is not who he thought he is, he changes the name of the Harper Avery Foundation to the Catherine Fox Foundation in order to protect his mom.

Jackson and Maggie start a relationship.

April reunites with her ex-fiance Matthew, and she almost dies in an accident. She marries Matthew and leaves for good.

Arizona leaves for New York for Robbins-Herman Center for Women’s Health. She actually goes for Callie. For good.

Jo meets Paul in the hospital, where she has to decide whether he dies or lives. Jo and Alex get married.

  • Episodes

S14E1- Break Down the House

S14E2 – Get Off on the Pain

S14E3 – Go Big or Go Home

S14E4 – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?

S14E5 – Danger Zone

S14E6 – Come on Down to My Boat, Baby

S14E7 – Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

S14E8 – Out of Nowhere

S14E9 – 1-800-799-7233

S14E10 – Personal Jesus

S14E11 – (Don’t Fear) the Reaper

S14E12 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

S14E13 – You Really Got a Hold on Me

S14E14 – Games People Play

S14E15 – Old Scars, Future Hearts

S14E16 – Caught Somewhere in Time

S14E17 – One Day Like This

S14E18 – Hold Back the River

S14E19 – Beautiful Dreamer

S14E20 – Judgment Day

S14E21 – Bad Reputation

S14E22 – Fight for Your Mind

S14E23 – Cold as Ice

S14E24 – All of Me

Season 15 – 25 episodes

  • Summary

Meredith starts dating DeLuca – he met her kids and all. She also finds out that her dad is dying, and she decided to be with him for his last breaths. She enters a big scandal when she decides to treat a patient with her daughter’s insurance. DeLuca takes the fall, and he gets arrested. But she turns herself in.

Jo learns about her birth mother, and her past is not precisely milk and honey. After she finds out she was the product of a rape, she stops talking to people and ends up in a dark place.

Jackson’s mom, Catherine Avery, has cancer. Richard breaks his sobriety. The doctors manage to get Catherine’s tumor out.

Maggie and Jackson always fight.

Teddy starts dating Koracick, but she soon realizes she wants to be with Owen. She gives birth to her daughter, and she names her Allison. Teddy and Owen end up together.

Amelia and Link start to fall in love.

  • Episodes

S15E1 – With a Wonder and a Wild Desire

S15E2 – Broken Together

S15E3 – Gut Feeling

S15E4 – Momma Knows Best

S15E5 – Everyday Angel

S15E6 – Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

S15E7 – Anybody Have a Map?

S15E8 – Blowin’ in the Wind

S15E9 – Shelter from the Storm

S15E10 – Help, I’m Alive

S15E11 – The Winner Takes It All

S15E12 – Girlfriend in a Coma

S15E13 – I Walk the Line

S15E14 – I Want a New Drug

S15E15 – We Didn’t Start the Fire

S15E16 – Blood and Water

S15E17 – And Dream of Sheep

S15E18 – Add It Up

S15E19 – Silent All These Years

S15E20 – The Whole Package

S15E21 – Good Shepherd

S15E22 – Head Over High Heels

S15E23 – What I Did for Love

S15E24 – Drawn to the Blood

S15E25 – Jump into the Fog

Season 16 – 21 episodes

  • Summary

Meredith, Richard, and Alex are fired, and Meredith goes to jail. We later learn that she has to do community hours. She encounters some problems there, as well. Then she meets a mysterious new doctor sent by Cristina.

Teddy struggles with motherhood, and she starts sleeping with Korakick again. Owen finds out about it because Teddy accidentally calls him while she’s with Korakick.

Amelia gives birth and remains with Link.

Jo gets back and learns that Alex left her for Izzie (that Izzie), who has given birth to Alex’s children.

Meredith has to defend her medical license.

  • Episodes

S16E1- Nothing Left to Cling To

S16E2 – Back in the Saddle

S16E3 – Reunited

S16E4 – It’s Raining Men

S16E5 – Breathe Again

S16E6 – Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard

S16E7 – Papa Don’t Preach

S16E8 – My Shot

S16E9 – Let’s All Go to the Bar

S16E10 – Help Me Through the Night

S16E11 – A Hard Pill to Swallow

S16E12 – The Last Supper

S16E13 – Save the Last Dance for Me

S16E14 – A Diagnosis

S16E15 – Snowblind

S16E16 – Leave a Light On

S16E17 – Life on Mars?

S16E18 – Give a Little Bit

S16E19 – Love of My Life

S16E20 – Sing It Again

S16E21 – Put on a Happy Face

We are looking forward to the next season, which will air in November.




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