Mi Browser Pro 12.1.7-g Update Available with New Improvements

Many smartphone owners use their devices to browse the internet, read the latest news, check their emails, or look for relevant information. Most devices come with pre-loaded browsers, but better alternatives are available.

Mi Browser has been designed from the ground up to deliver an impressive user experience on any mobile device. Developed by Xiaomi, the app is a must for any users who love to use lots of features that complement web browsing.

It is likely that you may have found an interesting picture on social media and wanted to save it on your device, but the native app doesn’t allow that. Visit your favorite social media platforms by using the Mi Browser Pro and download videos and photos from them with t a single tap. The app also offers the option to save WhatsApp statuses, which is quite handy.

With the help of the built-in file manager, you can follow the latest downloads and organize the documents present on your device in a seamless manner. Keep private files secure by adding them to a protected folder.

A built-in translation feature can be used to select individual words on a webpage and translate them instantly without the need to open a new page. This feature is limited to a few countries for now, but more will be added in the future.

Activate the built-in dark move to keep your eyes safe during those late-night browsing sessions. Want to search for something more sensitive or browse some pages without the need to worry about deleting the browsing history later? The Incognito mode has you covered and includes the option to enable or disable the sharing of aggregate data at will.

Search faster by using the smart voice-searching feature. Lots of other features can be found within the app.

New stability improvements are included in the 12.1.7-g update.

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