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Microsoft Gives Free Access to a Series of Educational Games During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Because now all children stay at home due to the new coronavirus, Microsoft is offering free access to a series of educational gaming content until this summer. They released a statement on the 24th of March, Phil Spencer, stated that the company added a new Education category to the Minecraft, that’s bound to help parents with the education of their children during the lockdown. The category offers free content that parents and kids can download until the 30th of June, 2020.

He wrote: “The educational content we’ve curated lets players explore the International Space Station through a partnership with NASA, learn to code with a robot, visit famous Washington D.C. landmarks, find and build 3D fractals, learn what it’s like to be a marine biologist, and so much more.” The statement also suggests that the company keeps track of the trends of players in order to optimize the service and to accommodate the needs of their users during the lockdown.

Coronavirus Lockdown Forced Microsoft To Give Access To Some Educational Games

Spencer stated that they understand how vital gaming is these days because it helps in connecting people and allowing them to have fun during these stressful times. They want to make sure that people have the time of their lives inside their homes.

Microsoft is not the only company helping people during the lockdown. Sony has also announced that they will control access to their internet services in Europe in order to make sure that the servers aren’t overloaded and that everyone can enjoy their time on the platform during the lockdown.

Many companies have sent their employees to work from home. Among them, there is also Bethesda and Square Enix. They decided that safety and health come first, and it’s normal for them to work from home until we go back to normal.



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