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Microsoft Has Bought This Huge Studio: What Will Happen With All the Games?

If we are to make a comparison between Sony and Microsoft, we can all see that Sony was better when PS4 and Xbox One were still brand new. Microsoft has in its plan to become the first one in line again, after buying Obsidian and many other popular studios. Did you know that they also bought Bethesda for 7.5 billion dollars? This left fans wondering whether they’ll see Starfield on PS4 and PS5, or if it will be an Xbox Series X exclusive. 

Even if Microsoft made this huge acquisition, Ghostwire and Deathloop would still be PS5 exclusives when they are launched. The timed exclusives deals were set before the acquisition happened. This is also why Psychonauts 2 will be available for Sony when it is released. 

An Xbox exclusive? 

We know you have questions, and we are here to answer all of them. For starters, Starfield might not be an Xbox Series X and S exclusive, since it will be available on PC, as well. But, if it really is Xbox Series X and S exclusive, fans may not be happy.  

Microsoft published games that are also available on PC, so there will always be this way out. However, when it comes to consoles that have Bethesda games, it might not be the same story.  

So what’s the problem?

A lot of people are afraid that all the games that come after Ghostwire and Deathloop would be Xbox exclusive, but Microsoft stated that exclusive games will be chosen on the casebycase scenarios. This means that some Bethesda games will still be launched on PS5. But what about Starfield?

We’ve heard that it’s less likely that Starfield will come to PS4, but what about the PS5Bethesda didn’t really ignore the idea of Starfield coming to both PS5 and Xbox One. However, a possible release now doesn’t really seem likely to happen because Microsoft bought the studio. There is a possibility that the game would be available on Sony’s next-gen console because Microsoft doesn’t really have a problem with the exclusives, as Sony does.  



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