Microsoft Is Currently Looking for Extension Developers for the Edge Browser

Microsoft’s New Edge web browser is based on the Google Chromium base, and it will be available for download and use starting with next month. Microsoft hopes that many new developers will create innovative extensions for Microsoft Edge. So the company announced that all developers could add an extension for their web browser.

Even if the new Microsoft Edge web browser already has about 100 extensions, Microsoft wants the number to rise simply. The company wants to take part in widespread its new browser, especially since it’s coming out for the general public next month.

It also seems like Microsoft is getting away from the Microsoft Store for the new browser. All the extensions which are already there and the new ones will be available on the Microsoft Edge Addons website.

Why is there this need for new extensions for the Microsoft Edge browser?

The new browser is very similar to Chromium. So there is no surprise that it’s available with many extensions built for Chromium. But the browser does not work with EdgeHTML-based extensions. The company stated that they wouldn’t be accepting legacy extensions after the 17th of December, 2019.

Microsoft wants developers to update their existing EdgeHTML extensions for Chromium., because once they’re cleared for deployment, Microsoft will be able to publish them through a Partner Center Developer Dashboard. Consumers should have a smooth transition when they migrate to the new Chromium-based Edge.

The company stated that they would migrate users’ extensions from the current version of Microsoft Edge when they update to the new Microsoft Edge Browser, and that will happen with the 15th of January. The extensions will be moved for users if they are already available on the Microsoft Edge Addons store.

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