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Microsoft Rolled Out Its Chromium Edge Build for Windows

Microsoft has released its brand new Edge browser on Google’s Chromium open-source program. The Chromium Edge browser can be acquired for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, as well as macOS from the official page.

This release is dubbed Edge 79 stable, with Edge 80 scheduled to appear sometime next month. Then, Microsoft will continue with a six-week pace for stable rollouts, similar to the one with Chrome.

The company has yet to announce which features will pack in the Edge 80, Edge 81 update, and so on. A Microsoft spokesperson said that developers and users should utilize the beta versions of the releases as an indication. However, the company has released a support article that details features in the course of being developed, as well as requests that are not on the roadmap yet.

It is worth mentioning that the new Microsoft Edge, as the company has referred to it, features a fresh logo. For the first time in several years, the tech giant’s browser is not indicated by a blue ‘e,’ but its new logo is a wave, probably for ‘surfing’ the Internet.

A Brand New Build

The new launch has been coming for a long time now. In December 2018, Microsoft started supporting Chromium for Edge development on the PCs. In April 2019, the tech giant rolled out the first-ever Chromium Edge installments, and the Chromium Edge Beta channel followed in the month of August of the same year.

Then, in November 2019, Microsoft has released the Chromium Edge candidate and placed Edge and Bing as ‘the browser and search engine for business.’ The company had yesterday said that the Insider builds had been downloaded by ‘millions’ of people. However, we shall see now if the stable rollout can get momentum.

The company intends to release more consumer Edge features sometime this year, but this rollout is mainly designed for businesses. That means the release comes with AAD support, Internet Explorer mode, and Microsoft Search in Bing incorporation.

Numerous businesses already utilize Chrome, and at least one Microsoft browser, either Internet Explorer, or Edge, and the company is hoping these functionalities will make them switch to utilizing only Chromium Edge.



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