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Microsoft Shares The Kernel Source Code for its First Android-Based Phone

Microsoft just cast aside any differences of the past and released its first smartphone packed with Google’s well-known operating system: Android. Microsoft decided to discontinue its own operating systems for mobile devices – Windows Phone and Windows Mobile. The Redmond-based company even admitted a while ago that Android is the best operating system for phones and tablets.

The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first phone that runs on Android, and there’s no wonder why they’re calling it ‘Duo’: the phone has two AMOLED displays of 8.1 inches each that will greatly improve the showcasing of content. The phone also has 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 855 chipset as the highlights. The user can click a link received on one of the screens and see the webpage opening on the other display. This will grant better visibility as you won’t have to leave your chat room just for opening a link.

Kernel source code available at GitHub

If you’re a third-party developer who wants to build custom ROMs and kernels or you’re just curious, you can check out the kernel source code for Surface Duo at Microsoft’s GitHub repository:

Microsoft Surface Duo runs on Android 10, and its displays are connected by a 360-degree hinge. This means the user has a lot of freedom in maneuvering the two screens.

There’s one single camera on the whole device, and it’s capable of 11MP and shooting video in the 4K format at 30fps and 60fps. The battery is only capable of 3577 mAh and fast charging at 18W.

If you’re already eager to get your hands on the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone, it’s good to know that you’ll have to pull out a decent amount. The price is about 1200 euros, but we believe that the gadget deserves all the money.



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