Microsoft Surface Duo: Market Gap and Job Listings

There is more and more discussion regarding the early launch of the Surface Duo, coming from Microsoft. The company that is based in Redmond, however, keeps pushing its products on Android. The Surface Duo is the first important hardware release that Microsoft ran on its Android operating system on Google. The screen is one with two screens and the device is absolutely revolutionary, but it has two screens and a hinge, instead of having just a foldable screen like usual. That means that the Duo is not just reliable, but it is also practical.

Market Gap

There are no other mainstream Android devices that use a form that is similar to the Surface Duo. In the past, Microsoft did not just fix the dual-screen compatibility with other Microsoft apps, but it also did something for the open-source portions of the Android operating system. The latest job listings that are made for Microsoft are showing the effort is moving on.

Job Listings

At the moment, Microsoft is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer. The job of this individual is to work on a number of Android apps and on the ecosystem for the Surface Duo. The job listing states the fact that the employee will work with the team that is currently in place to design innovative Android apps that will show the dual-screen experience of the Surface Duo.

Future Plans

Microsoft is currently working on a software roadmap, with the end goal of copying the Android ecosystem evolution. The company is also trying to push for new mobile innovations and a number of technologies. The engineer of the company is also hoping to optimize the app experience over the stack and to improve the collaboration there is with a number of Android SW Engineering Teams. The Surface Duo will be supported for the next years to come. This will enable Microsoft to work on the next versions of Android.

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