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Microsoft Surface Go vs. Surface Go 2 – Best Features, Specs and Improvements

You might want a handy computer on your side to help you with simple daily tasks like writing emails, watching some YouTube videos, or composing some articles online for websites like this one. You may not be the gaming-type guy, so there’s no use for high-specs and a large machine that occupies a lot of space at your desk. The best option, in this case, is to get yourself a tablet that can easily be transformed into a laptop.

And we have two such proposals for today from Microsoft: the Surface Go and Surface Go 2. Both devices are running Windows 10, and they’re the perfect computers that you should take along in a journey. Whether you want to use them for remote work, editing documents, or watching videos, it’s worth establishing which one is better.

Microsoft Surface Go

Let’s start with the beginning and present the first laptop of the series. Surface Go is an elegant and slim creation, with an SSD of 128 GB as one of the highlights. The display has a size of 10 inches and an 1800×1200 resolution. The two versions of RAM, 4 and 8 GB, along with the Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor, should be enough for simple daily activities, but also for opening several tabs in a browser.

The Intel HD Graphics 615 should be enough if you’re not into gaming, and there are several ports: USB-C 3.1, 3.5mm audio, Surface Connect, microSD card reader.  The device is also equipped with two nice HD cameras: one on the rear of 10MP, and another one in the front of 5MP.

The first Surface Go weighs only 1.15 pounds (522g), and it has the dimensions of 9.65 x 6.9 x 0.33 (245mm x 175mm x 8.3mm). If you’re willing to buy yourself such a beautiful gadget, you’ll have to pull out of your pocket around $489.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The next laptop of the series is a significant upgrade for its predecessor, but some people might overlook the specs. The Surface Go 2 is built on a similar concept as the first gadget, being slim, light, and easy to handle. The gadget can be equipped with either one of these two processors: Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y and Intel Core m3-8100Y. The RAM versions are the same as the first Surface Go, while the storage comes in three versions: 64GB eMMC, 128GB SSD, and 256GB SSD.

The display size is a little bigger (10.5 inches), and the resolution is Full HD (1920×1280). There’s also an Intel UHD Graphics 615, and there are plenty of ports: USB-C 3.1, 3.5mm audio, Surface Connect, and the MicroSD card reader. The cameras are exactly the same as those of the first Surface Go laptop.

Surface Go 2 weighs only about 1.2 pounds (544 grams), and it has the following dimensions: 9.65 x 6.9 x 0.33 (245mm x 175mm x 8.3mm). You can buy the new Surface Go from Microsoft for only $400.


The only obvious conclusion is that Surface Go 2 is better than its predecessor. It has a bigger display, Wi-Fi 6 instead of just Wi-Fi 5, and so on. Some might even say that the new Surface Go doesn’t bring much to its series of laptops, but we know that’s not the case. Having a Full HD resolution for your laptop these days is a ‘must’. And although the second Surface Go is more expensive than its predecessor with $39, we believe it’s worth its money.

However, the final decision belongs to you. If you believe that the specs of the first Surface Go can please your expectations, you can buy this gadget, instead. Furthermore, you’ll even save an extra $39.



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