Microsoft to Introduce Google Services into Outlook Web and Windows 10

Great news for Windows and Outlook users! Microsoft is planning to integrate its services with Google’s services, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. The email platform offered by Microsoft, Outlook, will support new features from Google, for web and Windows 10 also. The idea is right now on the testing phase, but we know that some users could test the changes. Unfortunately, the feature is not available to everyone, and some errors and bugs appeared while using the new services.

Microsoft is a big, powerful, and growing company, so its methods while change and adapt to the times and market. The company wants to compete with the rivals companies and services, so the systems were changed when it comes to software services. The best example of this improvement is the change that Microsoft made from DNS to HTTPS encryption on its Windows 10. Some of the users who have Windows 10 and uses Microsoft Outlook have discovered the Google services on the email platform.

Microsoft to Introduce Google Services into Outlook Web and Windows 10

However, even if the idea is currently on tests, it still means that Microsoft will assimilate Google’s services without affecting its platform. The experiment is having some problems and limitations, which is reasonable if the integration is not complete. Also, Outlook web users will be the first ones that will use Google services, and after that, the features will be added to Windows 10 users.

Finally, the few users that have access to the services are saying that they can access Outlook and add one Gmail account. Besides this, files can be added as well into email messages from Google Drive. So only from these two actions, we have two Google services added to the test. The problems with the platform at this moment are that when users tried to switch between Outlook and Gmail accounts, the entire page would refresh.

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