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Minecraft Dungeons​: Creeping Winter is Here – Price, Availability, Storyline and More

​Minecraft Dungeons‘ second DLC, Creeping Winter, has finally arrived, and fans that anxiously awaited the release of the build now have a lot to explore in the game.

The latest release for the popular ​Minecraft Dungeons​ launched yesterday, September 8th, as per the game’s official Twitter page. The announcement post reads that you can get the title digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, or physically purchase it from stores along with the brand new Hero Edition version.

​Minecraft Dungeons’​ Creeping Winter DLC

Creeping Winter transports you to a whole new land, filled with even more challenges than before. You’ll get to face new mobs and rivals for sure, but there’s also the possibility of finding new runes and treasures. Note that you’ll have to fight with the ice as well, which will greatly affect your ability to move.

Fans of Minecraft know that adventuring underground for resources is a main part of the game, and one of the more risky experiences because of the lava, zombies, creepers, and cave spiders.

If you take that and time it by 20, you might get a taste of Minecraft Dungeons. Inspired by classic dungeon crawler titles and set in the Minecraft world, ​Minecraft Dungeons​ has players on an epic quest to defeat enemies and save villagers from the Arch-Illiger.

Similar to the regular Minecraft, the Dungeons version is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The title can be purchased for ~$21 on Xbox One, PCand Nintendo Switch, and ~$20​ on PS4.

Hero Edition

Xbox and PC players of Minecraft Dungeons​ also have access to a special variant of the game – Hero Edition. For around $29.99, you get a few extras in the Hero Edition – a hero cape, two player skins, chicken pet, and two DLC packs, with Jungle Awakens included.

On PS4, the version comes as a separate mode, along with the Hero Pass, at around $12. The add-on is not available on Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

For those who expect Minecraft Dungeons​ to allow them to mine their way through dungeons, there’s no mining nor building in this DLC. Rather, you get a combat-focused game that has you depend on in-game pick-ups and equipping items in order to survive encounters with your rivals.

The ARPG-style visuals and battle are similar to other popular games such as Diablo III, so it is a distinct deviation from the regular Minecraft combat as well. However, it is not completely different, as you get the usual mobs, the changes to spawn in armor and weapons for an additional challenge, but there will also be new foes and friends.

Minecraft Dungeons Storyline

The main negative character in Minecraft Dungeons​ is the Arch-Illager, who was bullied and disliked by other people in the village until he finds a powerful artifact that makes him incredibly powerful. He makes the villagers follow his orders and begins a terror campaign, ransacking other villages across the world.

As heroes, you and your team are set to defeat Arch-Illager and his army of Illager minions. According to Mojang, the story will be light touch, and the focus is on combat and character progression.

“You have a chain of objectives you want to accomplish, [but] it’s not like we have a massive narrative that you go through,” Mojang’s David Nisshagen told IGN

Minecraft Dungeons Classes

The classic dungeon crawler titles have numerous players who embody a different class of character, such as barbarian, ranger, warlock, and so on. To complete the game, you need a balanced party – however, Minecraft Dungeons​ is a bit different.

You are not required to lock your character’s class at the start and create our party with the right people, but get to build your class from the ground up on the go due to looting weapons, artifacts, and other in-game items that can aid in building whatever class you want.

Some Tips and Tricks

One of the most important tips to remember is to make sure you enchant your gear at all times. If you’re not familiar with the process, here’s how to do it:

  • Select the ‘Swag’ you want to upgrade from everything you have collected on your travels and press ‘Y’ on your keyboard or ‘Triangle’ on your controller to view the enchantment options
  • Now select the enchantment and press ‘A’ on your keyboard or ‘X’ on your controller – this will spend the points and place the enchantment to the piece of gear

​In addition, make sure you use replay levels for a piece of even better equipment. While the layout of each level remains the same, numerous chest locations, enemies, and loot drops will change each time you play.

The level of the potential equipment is linked to the difficulty of every level, and you can see the range of difficulty on the mission select screen. Replaying levels and taking care of more powerful rivals will earn you better gear, so it is best to get there are play the level again.



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