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Minecraft Dungeons Dev Version Showcases New Sound Style

There is still some time until the April release date of Minecraft Dungeons for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as well. The title is a highly awaited one, and perhaps because Mojang knew and wanted to close the gap, it launched another Minecraft Dungeons dev diary.

This dev diary version of Minecraft Dungeons is concentrated on the title’s sound design and some new points, including what the developing team did to attain it. One of the things the team wants to focus on is how closely related to the environment each component of the game’s audio is. That means although it is all developed on the basis of Minecraft’s trademark sounds, it changes and increases to generate something entirely new.

The Crypt dungeon, for instance, has players landing in a rather macabre setting in a continual manner, so the sound designer and composer Peter Hunt focused on the darker music scales, and obviously, the minor key, in order to create the perfect audio for the background.

Not the Usual Dark Sounds You Might Expect

Even so, other elements should be taken into consideration when it comes to what the sounds end up as. For instance, the audio path was not fixed from the stars, and this has developed along with the game. The creators said that Dungeons took on a growing sense similar to the arcade-style as development went on, so they incorporated components to keep up with that, such as the tones you hear when picking up collectibles, such as Emeralds.

Minecraft Dungeons’ sound team depends on choral sounds for particular segments in the game, but this is not the typical floaty, dark choir sounds you might expect. Hunt has actually recruited a bunch of choir singers to sing his creations, such as ‘Villagers’ from Minecraft.



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