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Minecraft Dungeons Devs Presented The In-Game World Map

Even though the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons is bringing the same characteristic style that Minecraft has proposed over the past years, the fans are still impatiently waiting for the reveal of the latest version. The ongoing pandemic has forced the game’s developers to postpone the launch date, the new one being the next month.

New world map in Minecraft Dungeons has been presented

The devs have recently showcased the game’s world map. Windows Central is the site that has managed to make the map available for users. The gamers can visualize the components of the plan and the areas that it is going to present.

The spaces open for exploration are represented by snow areas, a pirate ship, a forest, a desert, a castle, and several others. The expansion of the gam’s world in DLC is highly possible, as the officials are suggesting.

About Minecraft Dungeons

The new concept of the game is proposing innovation. Likewise, players will be encouraged to seek improved equipment and continuously change them for the best version available. While exploring the game’s map, the players will be able to collect a significant amount of loot positioned in their path.

The game’ reviews are comparing it with the Diablo experience, both of them providing an exciting playing environment where players are allowed to decide the purpose of their gaming experience. Whether it is survival mode, exploring as much as possible, or building your own place, fans will be able to see soon if the new version lives up to their expectations.

Minecraft Dungeons will be available for computers, as well as a wide range of consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The release date has been postponed and the launch is scheduled to take place on the 26th of May if everything goes as planned during this crisis caused by the coronavirus.



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