Minecraft Dungeons’ DLC Packs Launch Date Leaked

Minecraft Dungeons launched just a while ago, and we’ve found a massive amount of unforeseen information about the DLC packs that may be released for the new co-op based game.

Creeping Winter and Jungle Awakens are the two installments that were previously leaked and which will come with some fresh content to Minecraft Dungeons, in order to keep players hooked on its gameplay. These packs should come with the Hero Edition.

Two Interesting DLC Packs to Launch

Minecraft Dungeons is the next title in Minecraft‘s story, and it appears that Mojang and Microsoft have started a fierce battle. The game merges the familiar blocky world of Minecraft with a taste of Diablo, which makes the gameplay rather interesting. Minecraft Dungeons is available on every gaming platform.

Now, as per a Reddit user, MrTommyboy247, Nintendo‘s eShop webpage for Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition had two unnamed DLC packs for just a while, as well as scheduled release dates for each installment. The first build for the game allegedly has a planned launch date of July 2020, and the second pack is set to launch in September of 2020.

Minecraft Dungeons Upcoming DLC Packs [Image: MrTommyboy247/Reddit]
Named ‘Creeping Winter’ and ‘Jungle Awakens,’ the DLC packs are probably going to add new mobs, bosses, areas, gear, artifacts, enchantments, and secrets to unlock and find. Still, nothing has been confirmed by the developer, as these are just leaks for now.

If the information proves to be correct, these packs will be released with the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons, which is the ideal version to purchase if you’re a fan of the game. In most reviews, the title has high ratings, and players love the atmosphere, combat, and huge amounts of loot.

All in all, we don’t have to wait for a long time for more fun in Minecraft Dungeons, more so since Mojang is also planning free updates besides the paid DLC packs.

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