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Minecraft Dungeons: First Two DLC’s Revealed – Release Dates and Details

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, surely you must be excited about the related new dungeon crawler game released several days ago. Minecraft Dungeons is its name, and it features the same Universe of the legendary title created by Mojang in 2011 where everything is made of blocks. Only this time, the player has a lot more to do than to craft and build.

Minecraft Dungeons has been published by Xbox Game Studios for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on May 26. While the game is expected to become a highly popular title for Minecraft fans and not only, the first two DLC’s have already been revealed.

‘Jungle Awakens’ is coming in July

Jungle Awakens is the first DLC that will arrive for Minecraft Dungeons, and it’s scheduled to land in July. The developers themselves were the ones who made the big announcement. You might easily guess why the DLC has the word ‘jungle’ within the title. There’s a jungle coming in the form of a map. The expansion also brings new weapons, some new enemies (we can mention Jungle Zombie, Leapleaf, Poison Quill Vine, and more) and three new stages for maps.

‘Creeping Winter’ is next

The other DLC that Minecraft Dungeons is receiving is ‘Creeping Winter’, and it will arrive a bit later than ‘Jungle Awakens’. The later DLC is on its way, but there’s no info about a precise release date, and we also don’t know what it brings new. However, we are extremely willing to find out, and this will happen soon.

The new DLCs for Minecraft Dungeons will become available only for those players who choose to buy the Hero Edition that costs $29.99 from the official website of the game. Besides the base game and the DLC’s, this offer also includes two player skins and other minor related content.



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