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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock the Challenging Apocalypse Mode

Minecraft is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular gaming sensations of all time. The title has even overthrown Tetris, which was one of the best-selling games ever developed. It is the true definition of an outstanding open-world game, and it stands as evidence of the fact that good gameplay and quality will exceed everything else when it comes to video games.  

This year, the developer has released Minecraft Dungeons, a highly accessible dungeon crawler everyone can enjoy. While it can be played without a hustle, the game has an Apocalypse mode that offers those who are up for a challenge great gameplay. Here is what to do to unlock the Apocalypse mode.  

What is Apocalypse Mode and How to Unlock it?  

In order to open Apocalypse mode, players will have to win all ten story missions in the game’s Adventure Mode. As soon as you’re done with it, you can head to Apocalypse mode, which acts like an endgame for Minecraft Dungeons.  

What Changes Are in Apocalypse Mode?  

Minecraft Dungeons Apocalypse mode has quite a heightened difficulty to it. This means that it is ideal for those who are up for a challenge in this rather casual game. When it comes to raising the difficulty level, the title manages to set the bar in various ways.  

In Apocalypse mode, players have to fight stronger mobs, which will come with raised attack and health. This means that if players are at a rather low level, they can get killed easily; therefore, the mode is created for those who have optimized the stats of their characters to a particular level. Obviously, the bosses in the game are also stronger. While you can finish missions alone in common challenges, having someone to help is a must in Apocalypse mode.  

Another great way in which the developers raised the bar is by adding mode Enchanted enemies to mobs. Those characters are the most dangerous in the whole game, and players must prepare to face them.  

What Rewards Are in Place?   

By playing in Apocalypse mode, you will have the possibility to receive more exciting rewards and unlock more Artifacts. There are also some other items that get unlocked in this mode, so if you want to fully test your skills, trying this challenge is a must.  

Minecraft dungeons Apocalypse mode is an optional challenging world to explore, but before you try it out, make sure you are prepared with the best equipment and Artifacts so that you stand a chance and make it out alive. 



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