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Minecraft Dungeons: What are Emeralds and How to Use Them

The original Minecraft game uses emeralds for trading, something it is also available in the new Minecraft Dungeons, but as a sole in-game currency. It is used to trade goods or services of an agreed equal value, similar to an economic system in the real world.

Minecraft Dungeons has a basic economy system and has its own currency in the form of emeralds. There are numerous ways to use if you want to get emeralds, such as defeating rival players and bosses, as well as discovering secrets or pigs with chests.

Completing levels and quests can also get you the currency, as well as rescuing unused or unwanted gear. There’s the option to manage and track how many emeralds you’ve saved at the right side of the HUD at the bottom of the display.

How to Use Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

If you want to spend the emeralds, simply use them at your camp. You can also visit the NPC vendors between levels, and purchase new equipment. Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t give you much choice on this matter, but it rewards you with a random weapon or a piece of armor in accordance with your level.

The prices may be different from vendor to vendor, but not by much. You can also keep track of the price each vendor is asking, and make sure to save your emeralds in order to maximize the times you buy goods or services. Another good trick is to turn around and shred any gear you purchase from vendors, but you don’t need in exchange for emeralds.

There’s also the option to meet wandering traders in your travels by either saving or finding them. You can spend your emeralds there.

You can complete the whole game without using any emerald and finish Minecraft Dungeons with a massive collection of gems. However, they are there to be spent, increasing the fun and offering a better experience of the gameplay.



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